1 - Uh-oh, wrong party

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"First of all, no, there's no way we'll ask her to let me go. Zehna would never let me go to a paranormal party. She's never done it before, so why now? And if we ask her and she says no, she'd watch me all day and all night. I'll just sneak out in the evening again," I said for the third time as we made our way across the street.

My best friend, Liney, rolled her bright blue eyes and sighed. Her straight brown hair stretched all the way down to her hips. It hung there perfectly, thanks to magic flowing through her veins. She wore blue shorts and a white shirt with a sun drawn on it. Despite looking completely normal, she was, in fact, a witch. Not especially strong, as she was still learning, but a witch non-the-less.

I stared at my reflection in the fashion store we passed. Black hair, slightly curly, up to my shoulders. A black metal band shirt. Black skinny jeans. Black boots. The typical 'rebel' type, and looked more like a witch than the actual one walking right by my side.

In spite of my appearance, I wasn't a witch. Nor was I vampire. Or a werewolf, fairy, or any other magical creature I didn't yet know of.
Just a normal human girl, albeit adopted by a witch, and therefore introduced to the wonderful world of magic and the supernatural. It felt like being colour-blind in an art gallery featuring the newest collection of the 'Magical Colours' theme.

"Drink one of her charisma coffees. Make a smooth lie you're going shopping with me, and we'll go to the party. It's a well known place, nothing bad can happen," she said, flicking her hair. "You know I won't let any vampire feed off you or anything. And we'll invite Argal."

I sighed, and nodded, avoiding a group of guys who couldn't tear their gazes of Liney. A perk of being a witch was being able to carry enchanting amulets. She had tons, including the 'beauty enchanter', as she called it, which she bought online for quite a bit of money. It was simply and purely unfair, and I couldn't deny my petty jealousy. I sometimes wished I didn't know about the other, super-natural world. It was obvious why it was kept secret.

"You know I really want to go. But Argal... Argal will forget about me as soon as he sees a hot vamp. You know how he is." I sighed, sliding a hand into my pocket uncomfortably. "So, Liney, you'll be the only one to protect your poor human friend," I said jokingly, only half annoyed that I was so helpless.
Liney giggled, then stopped suddenly to stare at a dress in a shop we were passing. I contained a sigh and looked around, realizing she'd take a while.

Growing up with a witch made me crave for the kind of powers Liney possessed. I couldn't help but wish I could be a witch, like Liney. Hell, I even considered letting a vampire turn me, in spite of the insanely low success rate. It was one in a thousand, or something. I wasn't really sure, the fact disheartened me too much to continue researching.

I sub-consciously reached for the black feather I wore as a pendant around my neck. Zehna said I was holding it in my hand when she found me, sitting in a puddle of rain while werewolves devoured my aunt nearby because she owed money to their company... And that piece of information was about the only thing I knew of my life before Zehna.

And I couldn't complain about Zehna - she was a great parent, and she ran a small supernatural cafe, selling magic-infused beverages, such as her famous charisma coffee. She was an incredibly powerful and talented witch, which I witnessed first-hand when she electrocuted a werewolf boy who tried to kiss me back when I was twelve.
But in spite of that, she used her powers to make great coffee, food, and even do minor healing to those who needed it most.

I could imagine the calm and joy as the memories of sitting by the large window in our apartment above the shop, reading books while drinking the tea of relaxation...

"Kay, are you listening?" Liney asked, raising an eyebrow, and I blinked, looking at her with a nod.

"Yes, of course," I said, as her blue eyes narrowed before she let out a small chuckle, shaking her head in the 'i give up' motion.

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