Part : 1

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"Welcome to seoul, South korea. Our plane has landed thanks for choosing our airline i hope you have a good day"

Finally.. I'm here. The place i missed and despise so much. After 15 years this city still feels the same.
Breathing the fresh air feels like breathing my victory.
I smirk remembering my purpose of why I'm here.

"be ready asshole I'm back to take the revenge"


*Click click*

Constant clicks of cameras flashing. Waiting for the arrival of korea's no. 1 young business man.

With many guards blocking the reporters and fangirls who are just waiting for one glimpse of him.

Jeon Jungkook walk casually. Hands in his expensive million dollar tux. With his infamous smirk playing on his lips.

10 black dressed mascular Guards around him and his PA walking quickly behind him to match his pace.

"Mr.Jeon here this way"
A man Open the limousine car's door while bowing at him.

After entering the car jungkook sat comfortably leaning his head back.
His PA handed him his favorite wine.

Jungkook gave one glance to his PA. Drinking his red wine waiting for his PA to speak.

Mr. Yang instantly got the idea and started speaking

"sajangnim, you have a meeting with park corporation's ceo in an hour and lunch meeting with korea's minister at 1 pm, later you hav-" mr.yang stop talking and shivered seeing his boss one glare.

"ah mianhe! Sajangnim" he quickly bowed and continued

"i have gathered all the info about him."

Mr.yang continue talking while
Jungkook's eyes were busy looking at outside. Looking at the former yet new developed streets of his home country. Casually watching the beautiful view of seoul city.

The car suddenly stop at cross way road because of a traffic jam.

Jungkook sees the commotion, with many cars honking around at someone to move quickly.

He looked curiously to see what's happening.

When his eyes caught someone.

Someone who is crouching down helping the small school kids crossing the road, With the Brightest smile on her face.

Jungkook's lips slightly curved up. Seeing the beautiful girl giggling with kids and holding them securely to cross the road.


Securing everything in place. All staffs lined up at the entrance of jeon company. With hands hold down in manners with head in bowing position, waiting for their strict young boss arrival.

The car door open with many guards line up.

The owner of multi million companies jeon jungkook step out showing his dark aura and stern face.

Walking inside his building with head up high and 1000 staffs greeting him.

Mr.yang quickly pressed the password on the elevator. And holding the special coffee of Mr. Jeon.

Arriving at the 50th floor of the building where the whole floor is Mr. Jeon's personal cabin.

He entered his office. Sitting on his expensive chair with legs cross giving the known glance to his secretary.


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Mr. Yang quickly put the secret folders on the desk giving all the info he gathered.

"sajangnim, he lives in 4th street in gangnam in his mansion, he got retired a year ago. But still secretly hold the power. He was close to a cheif police officer kim but the officer got into a car accident and dead on the spot. He lives alone with his only daughter in his mansion after his wife passed away from a disease years ago"

He has a daughter? Interesting. Jungkook smirk and said

" show me his daughter picture and gathered every details about her"

Mr. Yang nodded and took a photo from his pocket, put it infront of his boss before bowing and left.

Jungkook hold the pic in his long fingers. Getting lil shock seeing the brightly smile girl pic on the photo. His lips curled up in a big smirk with lil evil laugh escaped from it.

leaning on the back of chair throwing the pic on the desk he mumbled

leaning on the back of chair throwing the pic on the desk he mumbled

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"now the game has become more fun.. "

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