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YUNA grinned in satisfaction, she took the knife out of a strangers body; to be specific, a kidnapper. the guy had tried to hurt YUNA but luck wasn't on his side. she had plunged the pocket knife in his stomach.

"YOU DID THAT?" SEUNGMIN asked. YUNA nodded, she continued stabbing her food. "DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD, GIVE IT TO ME IF YOU DON'T WANT IT." SEUNGMIN reached out for the ice cream YUNA was having, she giggled.

"WHAT AN INDIRECT WAY OF ASKING FOR FOOD, I DONT WANT IT." she said as she pushed it towards the older, SEUNGMIN smiled and ate it happily. "SO, YOU GONNA CONFESS TO HER TOMORROW?"


A/N it'll end soon.

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