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The doorbell rang just as the little girl stepped down from the last step on the staircase. She ran towards the door to open it but was stopped by her mother.

"Stop Angie. You shouldn't be opening the door. It could be some stranger." Her mother told her.

"No mama. It's no stranger. I know who it is."

Her mother sighed and walked towards the door to open it. It was Jeremy, the babysitter.

"Jerry jerry!!" Angie jumped up and down and clapped her hands. Jeremy grinned at her and opened his arms. She ran towards him and he swirled her. She giggled.

"Good morning Mrs.Robinson."

Jasmine smiled at him. "Good morning Jeremy. Please come in."

She led the teenager through the foyer towards the kitchen. All the while Angie was babbling some childish words but Jeremy was listening with rapt attention. Jasmine sighed as a wave of nostalgia hit her.

They entered the kitchen and Jeremy gulped down nervously as he saw Angie's father. That man wasn't too fond of him and he didn't know why.

"Good morning Mr.Robinson." Jeremy said with whatever confidence he had.

Chris looked up from his phone and narrowed his eyes at the poor kid. Jeremy turned his attention towards Angie and nodded at her playfully.

"Good morning Justin. Thanks for coming at a short notice. Me and my wife were called into work today. I'm sorry for disrupting your sunday." Chris said, intentionally misspelling his name and not sounding sorry at all. He could feel his wife's glare at the side of his face but he couldn't care less.

"Umm sure sir. No problem. And uh it's Jeremy. Not Justin."

Chris hummed. "Whatever Justin."

Jasmine had enough of it. She told Jeremy to go to the living room with Angie. The guy almost ran with his tail between his legs.

Jasmine looked at Chris and found him engrossed in his phone with an innocent look on his face. She huffed. She walked towards the sink and started piling up the dirty dishes.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and she relaxed slightly. Chris pushed his face into the crook of her neck and laid a kiss.

"Hey love."

Jasmine ignored him. She decided it was high time she taught him a lesson.

Chris sighed. "I'm sorry okay. It's just that the guy reminds me so much of myself. Don't you see how attached he is to Angie? Like how attached I was to you? Angie doesn't need boys in her life. She isn't even allowed to date until she's thirty."

Jasmine dropped the dish in her hand on the sink and turned towards him. "Chris! It's not going to be like us. That guy treats her like a little sister. He's really fond of her. That's it."

"Well yeah. I thought of you as a sister as well." Chris grimaced at his own words. Somehow the thought of his wife as a sister didn't sit well with him. Eww, he thought.

Jasmine huffed. "He has a girlfriend, my darling husband. That's what's different about him. You were never really involved with any females. And moreover his girlfriend has also come here with him sometimes. She loves Angie as well. And if even that doesn't satisfy you, both Jeremy and Lia, his girlfriend, are leaving for college next year, together. And he told me they plan to settle there. So he's not even coming back."

Chris sighed in relief. Jasmine glared at him. "Are you happy?"

He smiled. "I am now."

"And you can't control fate Chris. If Angie finds someone, there's nothing you can do about it. Just think what would've happened if my father had forbidden you from seeing me. We wouldn't have been here today."

That shut him up and Jasmine turned again to the dishes. He didn't make any sounds for a few minutes and she wondered if he left. She yelped as a pair of hands grabbed her chest softly.

"What about we make another baby, hmm?" Chris whispered in her ear. She moaned but came back to her senses pretty quickly.

"No. I'm not getting on that hospital bed again. You don't know how painful it is."

Chris backed away. "Okay." He said and left the room. Jasmine looked at her husband's back incredulously. She knew he was upto something. He wouldn't just give up on sex so easily.

Her suspicions were confirmed when he came back with Angie in his arms. He was smirking and she knew she wasn't going to like what was coming.

"Mama! I want a baby sister or a baby brother now. Daddy said he can help you bring one. Now mama now!!" Angie jumped in her father's arms as she yelled.

Chris looked at his wife, smiling in victory. But his smile was wiped out once he saw her expression. He lowered Angie on the floor and whispered in her ear, "Run baby. I guess we just woke up mama bear."

Angie's eyes widened and she ran out of the room. Chris ran for his life as well as Jasmine's voice rang throughout the house.

"Christian Robinson! Get your ass here this instant!"

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