Dirty Liam Payne

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Liam was in the living room with Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis playing Xbox when you felt like you were in the mood, you had been waiting for Liam all day while you were in school and work, you finally got home all the boys were in your house. You figured you’d get into the shower and by the time you got out they’d all be gone, you. were. wrong.. you went into your bedroom, picked out some clothes and sprayed some perfume on yourself after that you fell on to your bed and waited, after a while you couldn’t take it any longer so you went into the living room and sat on the couch next to Liam to watch the boys play their game’s.

You looked at Liam in his White wife beater and Grey jogging pants, he was all sweaty which turned you on even more. You were biting your lip and looking at him until you couldn’t take the heat anymore.

“Liiiiaaaammmm” you groaned

“What?” he said laughing a little

“I’ve been waiting ALL DAY I can’t take it anymore I need you…NOW!” you whispered into his ear

“Y/N I can’t do this right now…look the lads are all here maybe later”


“Later babe” he said shrugging you off his arm

You huffed and sat back into the couch when an idea crept into you’re mind, you jumped off the couch and walked back into the bedroom. You found your most see through sexy lingerie, fixed your hair and headed back out into the living room sitting yourself down between Harry and Niall who immediately took their eyes off the game to focus on your more girly features

“Hey boys” you said smirking over at your boyfriend who’s eyes were tracing up every inch of your body.

suddenly Louis came out of the bathroom.

“I really like your—WOAH” he said stepping back and gazing at you.

“LOUIS,HARRY,NIALL EYES OFF MY GIRLFRIEND PLEASE!” said Liam glaring at the dumbfounded boys who were still eyeing you.

You walked off and into the kitchen, the boys thinking you couldn’t hear them.

“She’s really pretty” said harry smirking 


"She has a really nice ass" Zayn said winking at you.


“She has nice boobs…reaaaalllyy nice” chimed Louis


Niall laughed “If you don’t want her I’ll take her for a Pint and—”

“NIALL DON’T EVEN!” snapped Liam.

You giggled and walked back into the kitchen with so much sexual frustration you didn’t care who seen what you did, you walked into the kitchen and plunked onside of Liam.

“NOW are you ready?” you whispered

“No, later Y/N”

You stood up in front of him and flicked the game controller onto the floor.

“No Liam not later NOW”

You said straddling Liam and pushing him back and starting to lift your lace shirt, just then Liam caught your arms and watched the other lads smirking and leaving your flat, you waited till you heard the door click shut and then he grabbed your shirt practically ripping it off your body and un-doing your bra as his fingers traced up and down your sides up to your boobs where he gently caressed them his lips never leaving yours. You tug on his shirt asking him to take it off, he breaks the kiss for a minute to rip off his own shirt then continued to kiss you, you trace your fingers down his abs and V-line soon you felt his bulge you pulled down his sweats a little and his long hard member shot up you got down and started to lick the tip teasing him.


you smiled and shoved his full member into your mouth and sucked hardly as he leaned his head back and gripped your hair making it go deeper soon your mouth was filled with his warm juices, you swallowed and stood back up.

“your turn” he winked pushing you roughly onto the couch and yanking off your dark lace panties.

“god your so wet, babe” he said with a smile in his voice.

He slowly made small circles on your inner thigh with his thumbs his warm breath lingering over your pussy making shivers run up and down your spine, soon his face was into you, he flicked his tongue fast on your clit as his long fingers thrusted in and out of you quickly, your breath got heavier.

“L-Liam I’m gonna—”

Before you could finish your sentence his finger were covered in your warm juices he seductively licked his fingers clean while standing up and placing his member by your entrance.

“Ohhh Liam fuck me already please!” you moaned

“Don’t worry babe, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk” he said his breath heavy.

Without any warning he shoved his full length into you not letting you get use to how big he was, you screamed in pleasure.

“OH LIAM. HARDER. FASTER” you yelled

He grabbed your hips helping him to go deeper into you with more force.

“Oh my god i’m so close!” you manage to get out between panth’s 

“Just hold it!” Liam said thrusting into you faster.

“I don’t know if I can” You say trying to hold it.

You felt Liam’s thrusts getting sloppy as you both reach your climax together and he flops beside you, both of you panting hard.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Yeah?” you say catching your breath.

“Ready for round 2?” he says smiling cheekily at you.

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