I watch them for a minute. They kiss. He moves down her neck. She sees me. She claws his back a little and keeps eye contact with me. Her middle finger goes up to me and I run back to the bus. I head into the bathroom and lock the door.

    I turn on the shower so  nobody hears me gasping and sobbing. I sit in the shower, letting it soak me in my clothes. I can't take it. I have to. I look for the razor and pop the blade out of it. I wash off the Covere Upp and drag the blade across my skin. I hear a knock on the door. I do it again, except deeper. Banging. Deeper. Someone bursts into the room. Its Ash. I jam the blade into my skin, the deepest I've ever gone and snatch it downwards, letting the blood pour from my leg in large amounts. All before he can stop me. All be for I can handle the pain. I drift off. I thought he loved me. No, Ri. He would never love you. Him and Juliet are madly in love. Why would he ever love you? Its your fault, Ri. You got yourself into this. Black.

Ashley's POV

    I hurt. I turn off the shower and pick her up bridal style. I rush outside, her blood streaming down my body. I sprint to the car and toss her in the back seat, her legs propped straight up so the blood doesn't flow as much to her legs. I hop into the drivers seat and press the gas pedal. I speed all the way to the hospital, which isn't that far away. I take her out of the car and take her into the emergency room sobbing. Her blood covering me. They take her and one lady sits in the waiting room asking me all kinds of questions.


"Ashley Purdy"

"Date of birth?"

"January 28, 1984"

"Relationship status?"

"No relation"

    The woman finally gets up and leaves me to leave. I take my phone out only to see that its been blown up with texts from the band. Where are you? What happened? Please tell me you're okay. Have you seen Ri? Dude what the hell happened back there? I'm about to answer them when my name is called. I walk to the front desk.

    "Would you like to see the young woman you saved?" I nod eagerly. The man gets up and waves his hand telling me to follow him. I do. We walk for about thirty seconds when we stop. Room 117, I think to myself. I walk in. She's either sleeping, in a coma, or dead. I'm Hoping its the first. I walk over to the side of her bed. The man closes the door. That's when I let myself break. I'm sobbing silently next to her motionless body. I cup one side of her face and rub my thumb softly over her cheekbone. I plant a kiss on her forehead and sit in a chair only to fall asleep. Only to meet nightmares for the first time in my life.

Ri's POV

I wake up in a hospital bed, in a paper gown. Shit, I think, it didn't work. I can't believe suicide didn't work. It was supposed to work. Its the one thing I have control of in my life. I cannot lose that. I look over merely to see Ashley in a chair passed out. Blood all over him. Damn you. I thrash around trying to take the needles out of my body, hoping it will kill me. The machines beep all around me and Ash snaps his eyes open and realizes what I'm doing. He jumps on me and tries to hold me still calling doctors and nurses in this hellhole. They burst into the room, taking care of me. Strapping me down. Letting Ashley off of me. The last thing I do before they sedate me is look cold in his eyes.

Ash's POV

The last thing she does before they sedate her is look me harshly in the eyes. Her face softens and the doctor walks over to me, "She will be released tomorrow. Seeing how her birthday is tomorrow, she will be released as an adult." I look at him in the eyes, "How do you know so much about her?" He tells me she's been here before for similar stuff. But this time was the worst. If I had not propped her legs up, she would be dead right now. I just nod and he leaves. I text the band, Get your asses over here, room 117. ASAP. And in about ten minutes, they show up, taking it all in. The only person who leaves instantly is Andy. I follow him as he runs to the men's bathroom. He drops to the ground and pulls his hair with his head in between his knees. Sobbing. Gasping.

    "Andy, what's up with you?" I ask him. Which is a bad move on my part. He snaps his head up and looks at me with bloodshot eyes, "I did this to her" I look at him with laughing eyes, "No. Andy she did it on her own. I saw it."

    "No. I triggered her."

    "How so?"

    "I was having intimate moments with her for the past week and Juliet came. And I missed her so much-" he trails off. "And you kissed Juliet." I finish. All he does is nod. I sit down next to him and comfort him.

Ri's POV

    I wake up to three familiar faces smiling down at me. Thank god none of them is Andy. I will break down if I see his face again. I look down and notice the belts are gone. I turn to my side, away from Christian, Jake, and Jeremy. I'm glad Ashley left. He ruined my chances of being happy. I hear the door open, "Miss, you are ready to be released. I sit up noticing the needles are no longer in my body. I get out of the bed and find extra clothes on my side table. I make the boys get out and I undress. I'm about to put my pants on when Andy walks in. I put them on fast. And try to walk by him. But he decides to block my way.

    " Move the hell out of my way," I tell him without looking at him, "I don't t need you here." I feel him looking down at me, "No. We need to talk." I back up looking at him dead in the eye, "I SAID MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!!!" I make sure I say it with a shitload of hate.

    He moves but makes sure to say, "Fine. But we need to talk when we are back at the bus." I force myself past him, "Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say." And I walk out of the room and out of the hospital. I know my way from here to the bus. I'm supposed to make a left first. Instead, I take a right. Because its the right way to go.

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