Chapter 14

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I am paralyzed with fear. He is going to beat me, just like he did to Tobias. another sob racks my body as he undoes my chains and rips off my shirt.

"Tris, baby, hold on," I hear Tobias tell me. I look at him with rage and sorrow and so many other emotions in his eyes.

"Help..." is all I manage to squeak out before I feel the hot lash of a belt drag across my spine. I scream bloody murder in pain and hear Tobias coo my name, telling me to relax, telling me he will save me.

Then the second strike comes, even more powerful than the first. Then the third, and the fourth, and the fifth... I eventually loose count at 37, and drop to the floor. and before the world fades away, I hear Marcus sneer,

"This is for your own good."

This went on for weeks. One and half, at least. Everyday for the first few days, he would come in an beat me till I was knocked out, then leave me a piece of bread and a cup of soup. After about 6 or 7 days of this, he started beating me till I was still semi-conscious, then he would try and rape me, each time getting a little closer. He also stopped bringing me food, an if I soon didn't die of blood loss, I would starve. Please let Tobias find me. Please give me mercy...

(The first day Tris was captured)
"Tris, Tris, Tris, baby just relax I'll save you..." I continuously coo this to her through the screen, and right as she drops to the ground, I feel the promise ring in my pocket as I whisper, "I promise..."

(Back to current time or 1 1/2 weeks later)
(Same POV)
"Alright, so everyone has the plan?" I look around at Christina, Will, Zeke, Shauna, Lynn, Uriah, and Marlene as they nod their agreement and we head to Abnegation. I searched the entire dauntless compound for her before it dawned on me, my old house! We spent time planning and searching and collecting weapons, and all I could hope for now was that she was still alive. Just the thought of her dead made tears spring to my eyes.

Since I knew he was holding Tris in my old Abnegation house, now all I had to do was get her out. Marlene, Christina and Shauna were getting medical supplies and bringing them to Tris' old house, were we would be bringing her after we got her out. Lynn and Will were going to cut off the power, therefore creating a distraction while Zeke, Uriah, and I went in, knocked out Marcus, and rescued Tris. I sure hoped this worked...

"Alright, we're here, split up!" We all go our separate ways, me, Uriah, and Zeke all armed with guns and back-up knives. We approach the house and wait for the lights to go out, and right when they do, we make our move.

We open the door because Abnegation don't believe in locks, and step inside. My childhood memories hit me like a train, but I push them aside, for Tris. Zeke goes upstairs while Uriah take the main floor, and I check the cellar. Sure enough, when I open the door, there is Tris, half naked, being KISSED by my father. I feel rage boil up inside of me as I walkie Uriah and Zeke to the cellar, then, we attack.

Uriah immediately shoots Marcus' arm an he calls out in pain and backs up, off of Tris. He pulls out a knife, and points it at Tris.

"ONE MORE STEP AND I THROW IT!" We don't move, and as he begins to lower the knife, I shoot him in both knees, and he throws the knife at Tris, which lands in her left shoulder, causing her to scream then slump to the ground.

I pick her up bridal style and rush her out the door as Zeke kicks Marcus in the head, knocking him out.

We get to her house as soon as we can, and when her parents answer, they immediately let us in. Christina must've told them we were coming. Lynn and Will, along with the other three girls were already there.

"BRING HER OVER HERE!" Chris shouted, gesturing to a table with a thin sheet covering it. I carried her over and held her hand as the girls began to work. and for the first time in two years, I cried. Why couldn't life just give us mercy?

I woke to a bright light and searing pain all over my head and back and left shoulder. I see Tobias, his hand still in mine, sleeping with his head on the table I'm laying on. I sit up, only to cry out in pain, waking up Tobias.

"Tris," he says my name as if I were made of diamond, "OH MY GOD TRIS ARE YOU OKAY? IM SO SORRY, I SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED YOU..." I silence him with a short kiss.

"It's okay, I'm okay. I love you, you couldn't have prevented this, it was just as it was. its okay, I love you..." Then I get a good look at him. He has been crying, and he must have not eaton (A/N: See what I did there😀😀😀😀) in a while.

I get up slowly, with his help, as my parents come rushing down the stairs. Wait, my parents!? Tobias must've brought me here after he rescued me.

"Beatrice..." my mom silently cries as she walks over and hugs me. Than my father comes over. I hug him, also, and he stiffens at the contact, but eventually softens.

"Why would Marcus do this to our baby girl..." He pulls back and holds my moms hand as she cries.

"I'm kinda hungry," I say hoarsely and Tobias picks me up, off the counter and sits on the couch, with me on his lap. He picks up some scrambled eggs and feeds them into my mouth with a fork, which I devour, having not eaton (A/N: again, ik😊) in days.

"It's okay not, baby, your safe. You will always be safe from now on, I love you so much," He strokes my face and kisses me forehead, right between my eyes.

Just then, my father seems to put together the pieces.

"Your Tobias, Marcus' son... and if he beat you... BEATRICE, YOU CANT BE WITH HIM! He will beat you, he's just like his father," he spits it out like venom, then snatches me away from Tobias. I worm out of his grip and slap him across the face, anger boiling in my blood.

"He is nothing like Marcus. He is loving and amazing, and he would NEVER hurt me!" I'm yelling now, how DARE he say that about Tobias.

"No, Bea-"

"Its Tris."


"Dad, stop it!" I'm crying now, "DONT YOU SEE I LOVE HIM! AND HE LOVES ME JUST AS MUCH! WHY CANT YOU SEE THAT!? IM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE, SO STOP TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU KNOW WHATS BEST FOR ME-" I am cut off by my father slapping me across the face. I fall to the floor in tears at what he had just done. Then Tobias stands up.

I grab his hand, pulling myself up, and Tobias punches my father, square in the jaw.

"TOBIAS, NO, STOP!" I'm crying, pleading with him. And when he sees me, he immediately stops and picks me up.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, BEATRICE, ALONG WITH TOBIAS! I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN, YOU SLUT! I HATE YOU! YOU ARE NO LONGER MY DAUGHTER!" Did he just disown me... Tobias runs out the door, still holding me and goes to the train tracks.

I sob as he jumps on, pulling me with him. I can't believe it, my father, no, ANDREW, just disowned me. I put my face into Tobias' chest and sob my heart out while he strokes my hair and whispers sweet nothings into my ear. I eventually fall asleep like that, but right before I do, Tobias leans down to whisper in my ear,

"I promise you, I'll be your family now. And no one will ever hurt you ever again. Life will finally give you the mercy you've earned."

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