Chapter 29

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Yes, oh my gosh yes I will marry you I said, and he slid the ring into my fingers. Oh my, I started crying. Are you okay dear? I'm fine, I'm just so happy I said hugging him. I went to my friends and family to show them the ring. What do you think? I asked my friends, "It's beautiful," Riley replied. Amanda, why are you being so quiet? It's nothing, it's just that isn't it too early to propose? I mean you just got back together. What the hell Maddy, you should be happy for me, not questioning my decision I said glaring at her. She held her hands up okay sorry it's your decision am happy for you. Congrats dear she said hugging me. It was the best day ever.

I am so happy that I am getting married in a few weeks. Everything is going great but I just don't get Ethan's mood swing, I mean what the hell is going on with him. One minute he's happy, the next he's yelling at me over little things I do, what the hell is going on? I thought he was seeing a therapist or something.

Maybe it was about what I told him, about losing his first male child, shocker right.

it's happened the very day I spent the night at his place, it was after the celebration and I was so tired to leave, Ethan suggested I should stay over. I mean it okay, this way we'll get to spend more time with each other. I told Blue we were staying over but she refused saying she wanted to stay with Dani. Gosh that girl, I had to let her go with Maddy.

You see I wasn't just having a child that day, I was having two. We didn't know I was having twins. The child was hiding I think.

On the day of delivery, Blue was the first one out she was so beautiful kept crying, and all I just wasn't expecting that there was another child in my womb after delivering the second child I was so happy Ethan but all of a sudden no cries was heard from the baby the doctors tried everything they could to bring him back but he was dead, I don't even know why or how but he was dead Ethan, l said crying on Ethan's shoulders while he held me close to him, it was emotional. I shouldn't have said this to him, this was supposed to be a happy day now that I have ruined it. I just wanted him to know That he had a very beautiful son, "David Ethan Carmicheal".

I moved in with Ethan a few days after he proposed to me, and after all the emotional talk, I guess I was just so excited to be his wife again. I miss staying with him.

Ever Since we moved in, Ethans has been behaving aggressively, sometimes I get scared that he might hit me or something. I hope he never does that, though he had held my hand a little tight which caused some bruises he had apologized for holding tight.

I remembered the first time he slapped me, yes our very own Ethan. We were attending this family party and Ethan started complaining about what I was wearing. Look, Ethan, nothing is wrong with this dress, I said before I knew it he slapped me, I held my cheek now go inside and change this, you look like a whore. Am so grateful my daughter was not here to witness this. I changed and got in the car with him then he apologized "look am sorry Raven I didn't mean to do that I was just angry, something happened at work, am so sorry forgive me, baby". This was what had been going on for a few weeks now one minute he will but me the next he will apologize, I think he's bipolar or something.

On this fateful night we got into another argument he was flirting with the waitress while I was sitting there, "why do you keep flirting with the waitress Ethan?"I asked "Babe am not flirting with her'' he denied I got angry and told him I wanted to leave we got into his car and he became angry "why the hell would you do that Raven, why would you embarrass me in front of those people you bitch" he sped up. Me! a bitch, I couldn't even say anything and the idiot wasn't looking at the road. Next thing I know I am bleeding and am being pulled out of the car. That was the last thing I remembered before I fainted.

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