Weddings and proposals

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Claudia and Finneas are getting married today. Two months of preparations, planning and decisions all for one day.

All for today.

I am so excited for them I could explode.

After getting to Claudia's last night we all passed out in the spare bedrooms, only to be woken up by Claudia herself in time for us to leave to get ready at the venue.

I haven't seen Billie since this morning though, and every time I think about her a pit grows in my stomach.

But it's a good kind of feeling.

I think so at least.

I just don't know what's going to happen when I see her, all dressed up and looking like a goddess.

And it's not like old feelings are going to resurface, because those feelings never got old. They've only grown over time, they've matured.

And now more than ever, especially after last night by the bar, my need and want for Billie has reached new heights.

And I don't think I can control them any longer.

"Ellie?" the lady Claudia hired to do our makeup called out to me.

"Sorry" I shook my head, shooting her an apologetic smile "just very deep in thought"

"No worries at all, but you're all done. Your dress is in the room down the hall, second from the right" she directed me and sent me on my way.

I looked at my hair and makeup in the mirror.

She's given us all a natural look with a golden glow, a look that contrasts beautifully with the dresses we are wearing.

"Thank you so much! It looks amazing" I gave her a hug and told Mak and Gia I was going to get dressed now.

I entered the room and found the dress laying over a chair in the corner.

Slipping off my robe, I grabbed the dress and slipped it on.

"Fucking hell" I groaned into the empty room, trying to zip up the back but arms weren't long enough.

"Hey Fin have you seen- shit" the door open and Billies voice ring around the room.

"Finneas is on the other side of the building Claudia doesn't want them running into each other" I told her over my shoulder, still turned around struggling with this zipper. And stop creeping up on me!" I whirled around to yell at Billie some more, but my words got caught in my throat at the beauty before me.

Like when she showed me the photo my eyes instantly went to her bare chest, and like I had assumed, the tighter than normal pant suit showed her off her flawless curves.

"Lost for words?" Billie cocked her eyebrow and smirked then motioned for me to turn around.

"Shut up and zip me up" I moved my hair to the side to give her access.

"You look beautiful Eleanor" she whispered and pressed her lips to my shoulder.

"Billie" I breathlessly whispered and turned back around to wrap my arms around her neck.

"Seriously Eleanor" her hands gripped my waist "today might be Claudia's big day, but don't tell her I think you're the most gorgeous woman at this wedding"

I tipped my head back, laughing "you're such a sweet talker. But I do have to disagree, you look gorgeous too" I ran a finger down the valley of her bare chest "I especially love this"

My hands had moved from behind her neck to the base of it and them up to her jaw, stroking the skin lightly.

"Eleanor baby, I want this" Billie told me, looking me straight in the eyes "I want you. In the elevator, you asked me if I figured out what I wanted. It's you. I want you and hopefully all of this one day. It'll be you in that dress we looked at and who knows maybe I'll even be in a fuckin' dress too. But mama I—"

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