A/N (Please read!)

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Hello everyone! I'd just like to say a few words before you continue on to the story.

I am new to this academy/ghostbird fandom, I have only known about the series almost two months ago so please bear with me. I absolutely have not read a single ghostbird or scarab beetle book, please don't attack me, okay? My dumb self was confused why there were so many books about a sang sorenson until I found out they were fanfictions. Haha, sorry.

I got hooked after reading several ghostbird and all14 fanfics which got me interested into trying to compose a fanfic of my own. I usually write fanfics about BTS or EXO so this is refreshing.

I learned a lot about the boys and Sang because of reading a lot of fanfics about them.

The boys and Sang really intrigued me, and I had so much fun reading the fanmade books and the authors are very skilled in writing them. Some of these authors were JalizaBurwell, SuperWhoGhost, Nikimecool, aikoslovely, ada_meyers_, etc. I really enjoyed reading their works.

Please know that I am not the most amazing writer, I'm still learning and slowly improving. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my book.

If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, and plot holes or something wrong about the characters, do tell me. And if you don't like my written work, let me know, because I am not fond of immature haters.

Thank you and please vote!


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