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As soon as Rosita opens that door, the smell of heavy drugs and alcohol hits her nose. She barely does drugs but drinking she can do.

She went straight to the backyard and found some whiskey. She took a huge chug from the bottle, feeling the burning liquid going down her throat.

"Hey." She looks up and sees Fezco looking down at her.

She made some space on the coach and he sat down next to her. "Where were you," she didn't wanna seem protective so she said it quietly.

"Just doing the regular selling, you know the business ma."

She laughs at the boy, she takes another sip of the drink. "You know I'm kinda worried for Rue, Fez."

"She got things under control"

"I know, Fez but when I thought I had things under control I almost died. I just don't wanna loose her too, she helped me with a lot after my dad left." Fez looks at her. "Yes, you helped too."

Rue walks over to the bunch.

"Hey, I gotta pee so if i'm not back most likely I went home." Fez stares at her confused. "You're drunk, you sure you goona be safe ma?"

"Yes, Fez I got things under control" Rosita winks at him, then gets off the couch before she heads inside she hears Nate voice in the kitchen.

"Anyone else friends with Jules?" The viably angry boy looks around at the people staring at him waiting for an answer.

Rosita stares at the girl, assuming her name is Jules grab a knife and slice her wrist then walks up to Nate.

"You wanna hurt me, huh?! You think you can hurt me"

Nate backs up, shocked and scared. "You're a fucking psychopath" He quickly walks away form her, pushing everyone out the way.

"I'm Jules by the way" She walks away and the party continues.

Rosita goes up to Nate and hits his arm. "What the fuck is wrong with you. I know your mad that you and Maddy broke up for like the 3rd time this week but you don't gotta be unnecessarily rude."

"Shut up." Nate didn't even look at her. She gasped a little and Nate figured that out. "Look I'm sor-"

"Whatever. I'm going home your always hopeless." She took a bottle of tequila and started heading out the door. She knew her drinking and walking home would be a bad idea but for her, everyone sucks.

Nate quickly walks up to the girl. "Lemme take you home." She stares at him thinking it was a good idea. She knew she can trust Nate but she knew that he wasn't perfect.

Before she got to answer. Fezco stepped in.

"Nah, I got her." He grabbed her wrist. Nate looked visibly confused and angry.

"Rosita, are gonna let this dropout drug dealer take you home over your own friend."

Rosita went up to him and gave him a slap. "Shut up Nate! He is more than what you think and a better person then you will ever be." She grabs Fez wrist and started walking to his car.

"Let's go."

They went inside the man's car. Rosita just stared outside through the window. Fezco looked at her.

"That was badass ma, didn't know you had that in you." He started the engine and got to driving.

"Well anything can happen."

They finally arrive at her house. Fezco looks at the pretty girl. She went to sleep a while ago and he just wanted her to keep her sleeping. He slowly touched her cheek admiring every feature. He knew that he wanted to make her his's.

"Yo Rose wake up." The brunette girl woke up confused then looks at Fez.

"Thanks for taking me home, I thought Nate would be better than this." She has sympathy in her eye, then she got her stuff and started to open his door.

"Wait, hold on ma." Fez held her wrist again. (Why do people like her wrist?)

"Sure you gonna be fine?" She felt a sense of relief that Fez cared for her. "Yeah I'm gonna just try to sneak back in," she replied laughing in response.

She gave him a kiss on his cheek then left his car. Walking straight to her secret passageway, she head back into her room. She quickly starts to take everything off and hops onto her bed. She quietly started thinking about what she did to Fez and started smiling. She was kinda proud of herself.

Fez felt his cheek softly still feeling the warmth of her soft lips. He laughed a little then started driving off.

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