Chapter 4

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NASHS POV- I wasn't just getting clothes... I was bringing a condom... just in case... just in case she was in the mood and I didn't want to displease her. I mean I'm not wanting to do it but if she is ready she's ready. Anyway I'm walking back to her house with my bag in my hand and I knock then open the door and most of the lights in the house were off except the upstairs light to Bella's room so I'm guessing Carrie is already in bed. I walk to Bella's room and she's sitting on her bed. In her tank top and some sweat pants and her hair in a messy bun. Even when she's not trying to look good she looks amazing. I love that about her. " Hey beautiful." I say as I put down my stuff. She blushes and looks down at her hands and says "aye handsome! You can change either in the bathroom or in here, I wouldn't care if did it in here." She smiled. "okay." I said then started to take off my shirt. She then got up and went to her dresser drawers. " whatcha doing?" I asked as I slid my pants off. " just picking out my outfit for tomorrow. Because of my rash I have be careful the type of clothes I wear some make it burn more than others." She replied then pulled out a silver silk shirt and black smooth pants.

BELLAS POV~ Once we both were done doing what we needed to, we laid down on my bed with my head on his chest and him stroking my hair. We started talking about weird things because that's what I talk about when really tired and next thing I know I forgot what was saying falling asleep.

When I woke up Nash was holding me close to him and was smiling in his slumber. I tried to imagine what he was dreaming about that him soo happy. Perhaps it was about me. I didn't want to move because it was so peaceful in his arms, but I looked up at the time and it was 10:01!! I sat up and started yawning really loud on accident. Nash instantly woke up grabbing me close to his chest, really close, and acting as if someone tried to harm me. "What happened?!? Are you okay?!?..... Oh. I'm sooo sorry baby!!! Did I hurt you?" He said with a really sorry in his eyes. " No it's fine... what was that all about?" "Oh ummmm I thought your yawn was someone else in here to hurt you..." He quietly replied. He then gave me a big hug and then a long kiss, which the kiss lasted for about a minute or so... Then we both got up and put on our clothes for the day but then I realized I had to change my bra.... so I started taking off my bra I had on and Nash looked up at the same time my bra slid off. He smiled and said " I can't wait until I can finally touch those. hahahaha" I just blushed and said "it won't be that long." And winked at him.

~heyyyy!!! I hope you liked it!-spoiler alert!! A lot of drama coming in the next chapter!!! ;) love youse!!

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