Black Veil Brides dirty imagine Jinx

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Dirty Jinx #Imagine

"MOVIE NIGHT IS BACK BITCHES!" CCshouts at the top of his lungs.

You and the rest of the BVB girlfriends hadn't seen your boys in ages. You were Ecstatic because tonight the movie nights were back. You really enjoyed spending time with everyone this way. You walked into yours and Jinx's lounge room. The lights were dimmed and the coffee table was covered with all sorts of foods, bags of crisps, bowls of lollies and popcorn, boxes of chocolates and tubs of ice cream. Everyone was snuggled up together except Jinx. Sitting there by himself. You went and took your place on his lap. "Hey babe" he said planting a sweet kiss on your lips, but it turned into something more than that. Jinx opened his mouth and slipped his tongue into yours, things started suddenly getting much hotter. "oooooh" you heard Jake coo teasingly. "get a room!" Andy said throwing a cushion at you both. "Hey, we have a room...which we intend to use later." Jinx said back. "oh god, Jinx we didn't need to know that." Jake whined. "sshhh, the movie is starting" you said throwing the cushion back at Jinx. You snuggled into Jinx's arm, encased in his warmth, his head buried in your neck, his hair lightly tickling your ear "I love you (Y/n)" he whispers. "love you too Jinxy" you reply.

About half way through the movie Jinx started to lightly nibble your neck, before whispering "I need you now (y/n)." You could feel his bulge starting to push on your back. "Jinx c'mon. We're supposed to be watching the movie." "Pretty please baby?" he says. "Alright, but only because I missed you too much!" you get off of Jinx, he gets off the couch and takes your hand leading you to the bedroom "where are you goin..oh... never mind I got it." CC says awkwardly before turning his attention back to the movie.

Jinx takes you to your bedroom, shutting the door behind him. You sit on the bed "I missed you so much baby." He says before pushing you back and climbing on top of you, Kissing your lips with a need you hadn't seen in him before. "mmmm Jeremmmyyy." You let out a moan. Jinx whips his shirt of and proceeds to do the same with yours. He unhooks your bra and again starts to suck at your neck, trailing down to your waist "these have gotta come off." He says with a wink. "uh ah" you take his hands off your waist and shake your head "you first." You say "why do you always have to be such a tease?" Jinxx whines "just do it ." "Ok" he says as he seductively pulls his pants down, in the way a stripper would. "Better?" he asks "nope. Take it aaaaall off." You tell him. He does as he is told and suddenly you are confronted with his massive boner. "umm Jinx?" you ask "yeah babe?" "Did you get bigger?" "haha, I'm always bigger around you." Jinx says in a sort of complimentary way. "now your turn." He says picking up where he left off. He takes off your soaked panties "who made you this wet babe?" he asks "oh I wonder..?" you tease. Jinx goes back to your lips, attacking your mouth with his tongue while he massages you breast. "mmmm Jinx, don't be such a tease." You moan "Payback" he says with a wink. He lowers himself to your slit, he begins to rub your clit with his hand while flicking his tounge in and out of you. Then before you have time to adjust he begins to thrust in and out of you. "oh god (y/n) you're so tight!" Jinx gasps in-between thrusts. "Ooooh! Yes Jeremmmyyyy!!!" you moan really loudly. You can hear the movie getting louder in the other room, the others are trying to drown out your noises "shit! I forgot they were in there!" Jinx says slowing down. "don't stop now Jeremy!" "oh sorry babe" Jinx says before picking up the pace. "mmmm god! Yes Jinx! Oh yes!" you scream out "Im coming!" Jinx yelps, before shooting his warm cum inside of you. You orgasm soon after. "Jinx pulls out and kisses you "thank you babe. You know I really do love you" he says "yes Jinx I know. Now come on, get dressed we should get back out there." You both get dressed and head back into the lounge room. Everyone is staring at you "oooh Jeremmyyy" CC teases in a high pitch voices "yes (y/n), yes!" Ashley coos. "Hey! You guys are just jelly!" Jinxx says before snuggling back into the couch with you. Everyone turns their attention back to the movie and you cant help but smile because at this moment in time, your life is just perfect.


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If you didn't know Jinx's real name is Jeremy :) js

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