Chapter 1. Anatidaephobia *

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Roxie's POV

Its been a few days since high-school first started, it's been pretty chilled out so far. Not much work, no stress, and everyone in my form is friendly.

I took my usual seat in my English class as the bell rang, signalling the end of our lunch break. I took out my books from my bag and laid them on the table as Sam sat down next to me, ruffling my hair as he did.

"Wassup rox?" he asked while turning to face me in his seat.

"mm, nothing. I had trouble with the homework though.. did you manage to finish it?" I turned my book to face him.

He took my book carefully and examined it before cracking a smile and dropping the book on the floor, papers scattering everywhere.

"Oops-" he laughed as I scowled and reached down to gather all my papers together.

"What was that for Saaaam?" I dragged out the 'a' in his name to emphasise my annoyance.

"Eh, its fine. Homework is pointless anyway. We're gonna get to year 11 and this-" He picks up a random piece of paper upside down and struggles with it for a few seconds. "-homework will be nothing but a memory!"

I sat back.

Year 11.  I thought.

It seems so far away, yet I know that it'll come quicker than expected. It wont be long before i'll have to drop everything and revise. I'm only in year 7 now but it doesn't mean I can afford to waste my time on being childish.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Sam clicking his fingers in front of my face.

"Roxie? You good?" He laughed nervously while searching my eyes for some sort of reaction.

"Hmm? Oh yeah, of course" I smiled at him. "-Just rethinking my homework, y'know?"

His face lit back up with his childish humour, and I followed his gaze when I realised he was looking at something past me.

I turned to see a new drawing that was pinned up on my teacher's board by my left side.

'Anatidaephobia- the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you' 

**And below it was a drawing of a rubber duck.

"That's new. I haven't seen it pinned up before." I paused before turning to Sam. "D'ya reckon it's a real thing? Surely, a duck can't be followin-"

I was cut off by Sam reaching past me and grabbing the drawing, and quickly pulling back and sticking it on my forehead.

He burst into fits of giggles straight away as I sat there in stunned silence before I realised what happened.

"Thank you, Sam- very mature" I peeled it off my head and stuck it back to the board.

I leaned over to him and messed up his hair whilst laughing before the teacher came over and gave us a warning.


                                              -Time Skip To The End Of The Lesson-

We packed up our things and swiftly made our way to our final class of the day, Music. It was a personal favourite for our class because everyone had fun, no matter if you were amazing or horrifically bad, everyone got a laugh from it. The teacher only let us play keyboards but we still made the most of it.

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