Hike or Race?

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Deku's PoV

We had been walking for about 3 hours now, and honestly I'm pretty tired. But, I couldn't let Kacchan see me looking weak. I have to keep going.

Im basically jogging just to keep up with the both of them. Urg, I have to stop thinking about it. You got this Midoriya just keep going! After pumping myself up, I focused my self on the path infront of me. Nothing was gonna stop me from finishing this.

After focusing I noticed I was starting to fall behind, so I quickly sped up, passing both teens in the process. " Hah!? Deku what do you think your doing?" I look back to see Kacchan, who looked pissed. Oh dang it... please don't tell me I accidentally challenged him... " You think you can beat me or something!? HAH! I'd like to see you try!"

Immediately Kacchan starts to sprint after me. Crap... now you've done it Midoriya... WELL IF ITS A CHALLENGE THERES NO WAY IM GONNA LOSE IT! I turn around again, speeding up in the process, I can here footsteps coming up behind me.

" Woah, guys wait up!!!" I hear Kiri shout farther behind. But his voice is drowned out by the stomping still approaching me.

Soon enough I see something in my peripheral vision. I glance next to me, meeting Kacchan's gaze. Our eyes only met for a second, but that second was enough to set me off. " There's no way I'm gonna lose!" He grunts at me sending me a glare. Making me send one right back.

We keep sprint, and now my sides are starting to hurt, but this time I can keep up with him. Your not gonna leave me behind this time Kacchan! I sprint harder, running, pushing myself, slowly inching infront of him, and soon enough I've reached a clearing.

The path opens up to a beautiful area, it's covered in flowers, and the trees are littered with vines. I even spot a bush that has berries on it. At the edge of the clearing I spot a cliff, beneath it is a river that seems to stretch for a few miles. The view is memorizing.

" D-damnit," the voice takes me out of my trance as I turn towards it. There on the floor lays Kacchan huffing and puffing. " When did you get so fucking fast... guess you were holding back in our fight after all..." I hear him give out a little sigh as he catches his breath.

Was I really holding back during our fight? If so it wasn't on purpose... sorry Kacchan! I watch as he sits up, I see him look my direction. Soon enough he's right next to me looking out over the cliff. The moment is nice as we both silently stare out, but it's cut short by someone else huffing and puffing their way over to us.

I turn my head, but Kacchan doesn't seem to mind it. Seconds later our infamous red head pops out of the bushes. Oh... sorry Kiri, guess we left you behind... " H-hey guys...! Wait uppp..!" I watch as he reaches out to us, breathless, until he has to put his hands on his knees to be stable. Suddenly he falls to the floor. Woah! Is he alright?!

" Urggg you guys are fast..." I hear him sigh out, but suddenly he hops to his feet all pumped up in his normal way. He runs over to us near the cliff side, turning his head to the sky, and pumps his arms out, in an all so long-familiar All Might way. " Guess I'm gonna have to work a lot harder!!!" He shouts out for all the world to hear. I even saw some birds fly away in the distance.

" Geez shittyhair quiet down, can't you see I'm enjoying the view?" I could practically feel the glare Kacchan was giving the red head.

" Haha. Yeah sorry," I hear him laugh back.

Seconds later we all end up sitting near the cliffs edge, just looking out at the view. It's silent, except for all the bugs and birds chatting all around. It's nice. But, the silence is yet again cut off, by a growling coming from besides me.

Yet again I turn my head to see Kiri blushing slightly, all while holding his stomach. " Sigh... well I guess it's time to eat some food." I watch a Kacchan goes into his bag, taking out three small brown sacks, presumably full of food.

I can feel the excitement radiating off the red head next to me. Which fuels some excitement in me as well. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty hungry.

As soon as all the food is set out we dig in. Lunch goes by quickly, and silently, as we all stuff our faces to regain some energy. Oh god, that was so good! Thanks Kacchan!

After finishing my food, I noticed that Kacchan has already finished, while Kirishima still has some more to go. I somehow catch the blonde staring a me, from the corner of my vision. So I turn and nod my head to him, as thanks for the meal.

" Heh, it was no problem Deku," he says confidently, as if no one has ever thought to bring food hiking before. But, soon his mood seem to change. Insead of cocky he now look somewhat sad. " Hey shittyhair?"

I watch as Kiri turns his head questioningly at the blonde, his face full of food. " Whust uop?" Oh god Kiri.... you're not fitting the mood at all... I sigh inside my head, as I see him swallow the rest of his food.

" You think he would of like this?" Kacchan doesn't look at the other teen as he speaks, instead his eyes wonder the horizon. Instinctively my eyes followed.

" Yeah," the red head starts from besides me. " I'm sure he would have loved it." Soon enough the silence envelopes us again, leaving all of our thought to wonder.

I-is Kacchan talking about me again? Why is he suddenly so caring? Is this just cuz I'm gone? Maybe I should tell him that I'm here, I mean he seems so worried.... I'll do it tonight! I will! I'm gonna tell him-

But my thoughts are again cut off from another growl. " Damn shitty hair we just ate! Why is your stomach still making wired ass noises?"

" Ummm, guys, that wasn't my stomach..." I hear Kiri speak nervously.

" GROWL-" Instantly we're all up to our feet. Surrounding us were a BIG pack of wolves, big ones, black ones. All of them seemed to almost have a crazied look to them. None of them where really small In size, but the biggest one stood front and center barring its fags, they looked like knifes, sharp.

I shivered as I felt a lot of eyes on me. Well this isn't good...

Word Count: 1151!

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