"..I'm.. Shinsou, Hitoshi" Chapter 1

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Title: New friends

Story type: Slightly angsty but a fluff

(Y/n Pov age 5)

I was walking in the park where I see a Indigo haired boy, crying silently by the swings

"Hey there, are you okay?" I asked curiously "I-i'm okay...Wait..who are you?" He asked "Well I'm Y/n Drew! And you are..?" I said a bit confidently "I'm..Shinsou, Hitoshi.." he said

"Well Shinsou-kun, do you mind if you tell me why where you crying?" I asked trying not to sound rude since I haven't gotten emotions correctly "Well..some kids..made fun of me because of my quirk.."he said, I was shocked

'why would someone make fun of a person because of their quirk..?' I thought "well What is your quirk anyway?" I asked

Shinsou's eyes widened "well..m-my quirk is mind control.. when I ask someone a question I can either Contol them or not" he said in a sad tone
"Really? Your quirk is so cool! You can command bad guys to put themselves in jail!"

I said kindoff shocked that someone would make fun of Shinsou's quirk "you think my quirk is cool..?" Shinsou asked dumbfounded

"well Ofcourse! You can be a great hero because of your quirk!" I said "well..it's just people said..It's a villain's quirk.." Shinsou said

"well Whoever said that I will kick their butts! Because everyone needs to have someone there for them!" I said happily

"Well...thanks..I appreciate it.."

Are you guys okay? Are you mad at me? Or other? Stay safe and always wasb your hands

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