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THE FORCES OF darkness always loomed in the air through the strident noises, clashes of voices, heavy beats of the hearts residing in their homes to avoid the darkness and protect themselves away where safety wrapped around them like a soft blanket, assuring there was no harm in the way. The dark was something many people feared. It was a common fear, possibly just as it was with death. Where darkness was- there was a possibility of death right around the corner.

The dingy corridor of the facility led towards endless amounts of rooms belonging to a different individual. Even though there were fluorescent lights all the way down the hall, it still seemed as if there was still a tinge of darkness. My eyes gazed straight ahead in the empty hall, not a single soul seen amidst the lingering chaos and tension. My hand pushed against the fourth door, opening it to reveal five women standing in front of the wide screen set up with monitors.

Typing, whispering, pointing and writing was what was mainly occurring between the small circle of commendable and sharp women, seeming to know exactly it is they needed.

The limitless monitors showed some men and women screaming, hands over their ears as fear clouded their eyes. Some were in the corner on the ground, chained to the bedpost, arms around their knees as they rocked back and forth, some were slamming their palms against the walls in hopes of escaping, some were sleeping, and some were calmly sitting on the bed. It was absolutely chaotic.

Even more so, knowing what was about to happen to most of them soon enough.

As the heavy door closed behind my figure, the sound attracted the attention of one of the assistant leaders. Her head craned to look back in my direction, her lips visibly releasing a sigh of relief, "Lenora...just who I needed to see"

My eyes swept over the other woman who were still in their previous position, eyes not averting from the wide screen, "Is everything okay?"

Morgan walked over to where I still stood besides the door, one hand holding a file tightly in her hand, "As far as it should be, it's maddening. It's him again. He won't cooperate no matter what we do....and we've done everything"

Her last words were in a harsh whisper, clear frustration etched across her face without even having to voice it. She looked off to the side, momentarily getting lost in her distressing thoughts as her free hand rested on her hip. She let out a sigh, looking back towards me with an expression that seemed to express more than her words could. I ran my tongue over my bottom lip, cautiously questioning, "What do you think we should do?"

"That's the thing, there's nothing left to do. We can keep torturing him but it won't get us anywhere. He refuses to cooperate with anyone...anyone but you" She eyed me carefully, lips pursed into a thin line because that was the last thing I had expected.

As I stood there before her, processing her words, I realized what was happening. I was beginning to realize just how petrifying the world is and was going to become. The darkness was becoming inevitable and growing into something that wouldn't be controlled. It was a no brainer, it seemed endless and I wondered when it would ever stop. If it would ever stop.

It was that of a flower during spring. Everyday, the flower was looked over whether it be by the doings of the nature but there was care being put into the flower to watch it bloom and blossom into such a beauty. It was a beauty that was adored and rare to find, the light in even the worst of times but eventually, each petal fell and withered apart as the weather grew dreary and the gale forced it to break apart. All that was left behind was a reminder of what that flower was capable of. Of what the flower had turned into but it was inevitable the flower's beauty wouldn't keep it staying together for long. The force of nature's doing was too strong and too much to be able to control it.

Just like now.

"How do you know that?" I answered her, the volume of my tone matching hers. Firm but held of the obvious doubt underlying it.

"Because he said so" She huffed in ridicule, shaking her head at the man who was causing the black hole to become bigger and bigger, "For what reason- I don't know but if it helps us complete the sheet the officers want, then the faster he's out of our hands"

My eyes hardened as they averted over her shoulder and towards a specific screen that captured the very man that was the root of all the distress and danger. He sat upon his bed calmly, staring straight into the video surveillance camera with that sickening smirk of his which seemed like a permanent reminder of all that he has done and can do. My eyes gazed over the intricate scarlet red lines of the makeup above and below his eyes, and the ruby of his lips accentuating his pulchritude. Something that seemed to emanate viciousness resting upon the pure and delicate skin of his face.

He was smart. Nothing could ever doubt the anomalous way his brain remarkably worked. He was chased to no end and now he was caught. To get inside his brain and be able to see the divergent way it worked was what everyone hoped to get. To be ahead of him. To use his mind to go against him.

"I'll do it" I uttered gently, blinking in my spot as I looked away from the screen and back towards Morgan's awaiting bright eyes.

She nodded strictly, bringing the hand up with the file to hand it to me. I grabbed it out of her hand as she confirmed my position.

"It's settled then, you're assigned to the joker"

There was nothing that screamed danger and minacious than a weapon but the man that seemed to know what was happening behind the screen was the most dangerous weapon there was.

The gif does not belong to me. It was a video that belongs to @Camlarrys on Instagram that they kindly allowed me to use. I do imagine Harry to look like this in my story- the makeup aspect so I thought it really fit.

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