Chapter 3

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NASHS POV- It's been two weeks since me and Bella have been dating!!! So I'm walking to her house with some roses and a chocolate bar, her favorite candy, to surprise her. Once I get to the door I knock then open the door because I basically live here now. I see her laying on couch watching Netflix shows. "Hey, babe! I got you something!! " I say as she looks up then walks over and pecks my lips. "Awwwe thanks love!" She then starts to eat the chocolate bar as I go and put the roses in the vase with water. "Hey hon, I haven't been feeling well lately.... I've been having like bad rashes all over my skin. tomorrow I think I'm gonna go to the hospital around 11:00 if you wanna come." Bella said when I walked back into the living room. "Of course!" I said because I didn't want something to happen to her if I was gone. "What show are you watching?" I said trying to sound like I was interested, but really I just wanted to cuddle with her. "Law and Order, you can lay with me if you want." So I layed down behind her so that I was spooning her. I sat there playing with hair as she watch a couple of shows. Finally she got tired of her shows and turned around to face me and we intertwined our legs together so that we were locked together. " I love you." She said and which gave me the biggest smile ever! "I love you sooo much more Bella Marie." She then blushed and buried her face into my shirt. A few hours went by so I decided to look at the time and Carrie is about to get off of work. I shook Bella gently but then realized she's asleep so I just carefully whispered in her ear " Babe waky waky....." She opened her eyes and looked at the time and frowned. " Good evening sleepy head." I kissed her head and then got up to gather up my stuff. Soon Carrie walks in and says "Its pretty late. Nash do you just want to sleep over?" "Yeah let me just go ask my mom and get some clothes."

BELLAS POV- As Nash starts to walk out I go upstairs to my bed room and just lay on my bed. My Skin burns but I'm smiling because I just had the best day ever!!! I'm madly in love with Nash Grier!
I get a text from Nash saying ~"hey babe I'll be at ur house in few just got to a few more things :) i <3 ya!"
I texted back~ "okay ;)"

~hey guys!!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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