11 ~ Blame It On The Alcohol

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Title Credit: a cover Of Mice & Men did


    “Hey guys what’s going on my name is MaddiePlaysThings and you’re watching another one of my videos.

    I have to start off with an apology. Me and the band have been so busy lately that I’ve been slacking on videos. But I’ll start making more vlogs to keep you updated.

    Now, a thank you. thank you everyone who supports me at this time, I’ve made a lot of big decisions lately. All of you who came to the show a week ago or wanted to, everyone who’s harassing us for an ep [laughs], and those who don’t even like our music but support from a far. I appreciate all of you.

    Lastly, a question! As the trip to london approaches, lots of you have been telling me you hope to see me there since lots of you live there apparently. Do you guys want me to have a meet and greet, an acoustic set maybe? It’lll only be me but I can preview one of our softer songs.

    Oh, and thanks for 500k subscribers! It means so much to me. love you guys. Stay strong and hug a pug. Que outro!”


    “Okay, so, three days. So far I have four shirts, three pairs of pants, extra pair of converse, four pairs of socks and underwear, what else?” I turned to Jess.

    “Well, these of course.” She grabbed two of my black beanies. I nodded and added them. “And… these.” the handed me three of my warmest hoodies and sweatshirts. I added those as well. “These.” She had me add fingerless gloves.

    “Oh, of course this.” I smiled as I added my small stuffed squirtle.

    “Eleven days.” She sighed. “You’ll be leaving in eleven days.”

    “But I’ll be back in fifteen days.” I gave her a small smile and held my arms out. She accepted the hug, squeezing my sides tightly. “Plan for a day in watching movies, okay? Movies and pillow forts and tumblr. It’ll be the best welcome home.”


December 25th

    I pulled into the driveway, still wondering why I saw Leo and Jordan’s cars a block down. It was too long of a work day today to have anything on my mind.

    It took me longer than usual to open the door. But when I did all the lights flashed on and there was a large “HEY MOTHERFUCKER” from around the room. I smiled at every person I knew and ones I didn’t smiling at me.

    Leo threw his arm around me. ”Welcome to your little ‘off to london’ party.”

    “Isn’t everyone supposed to yell ‘surprise’?” I laughed, stepping away to briefly hug Jess.

    “It’s too generic. Decided on something else.”

    “Holy shit, is that holly? I haven’t seen her in years!” I stepped into the party.


    @MaddieBTK: Drunk af ;)

    @MaddieBTK: [twitter picture of people at party] FRIENDS!


    @MaddieBTK: Idk who’s posinf picturesd of me thorwing up. You can stoP.


    I coughed into the phone. “H-Hello?”


    “Hey [hiccup] Lex!”

    “Are you okay?

    “Y-Yeah I’m fine. Why do you, ask?”

    “I want to make sure you’re safe. you sound really drunk.

    “I’m HELLA drunk.”

    “Where are you?

    “The Bathroom [hiccup].”


    “Yeah I’m… alone. Why aren’t my friends checking on me? Lex do they not like me?”

    “No baby of course they like you. You’re amazing.

    “You’re just saying that!” I started sobbing. “You don’t like me either, do you?!”

    “I do, I do! Maddie calm down, nobody hates you.

    “I didn’t say anything about hate! You hate me! [hiccup] Everyone does!”

    “Maddie, no, I love you!

    There was a long pause. “You love me?”

    “Of course babe.

I shuffled around with a smile as I climbed into the tub. “I feel a lot better now.”

I hope so.

I yawned. “You make me feel all bubbly inside, Lexy.”

He chuckled. “Oh sush.” He waited for a response. “Are you still drunk A F? Maddie…?"

[faint snoring]


a/n: I didn't know who to dedicate it to but here have a chapter I'm just pushing towards the london trip at this point

give me your theores of what will happen (at london or in general)

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