Chapter 3

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Here's the 3rd chapter of I fell in love with a jerk A.K.A Mr. Popular ...


"Okay,I have already announced his name to come to the nurse's office."Came a voice that was the nurse whom I din't noticed appeared while we were talking.

"Righto Mrs. ummmm...."I bit my lip.Crap,What was her name?

"Its Gina.Everyone calls me Gina.Or to some it's also nurse Gina."She replied smilling for the first time in a friendly manner.

I smiled back at her."Okay then Gina!"

Hey nurse Gina,you called?Hanna?"I heard a deep sexy voice say behind me.


"Hanna?What's wrong?"The deep sexy voice said again but this time walking past me towards Hanna.

"Natee...I told you I should'nt have come to school.Now I have a damn fever."Whined Hanna like a spoilt child.

"What the hell?Nate?The annoying jerk?That's his name?And he's my freaking lab partner?IMPOSSIBLE!"I screeched to myself.

I din't realize I was gaping until Hanna said so.

"Yo Ashley?!What's wrong with you?"Hanna's voice snapping out of my horrifying trance.

"Um..Huh?Oh nothing..."I quickly regained my composture.

The jerk/dude named Nate turned to look at me as if only realizing I was there.

He raised his eyebrows at me.

"You!"I whispered softly staring straight at him.

"Whatcha say?"Hanna asked climbing down from the bed."Oh right!Yea Ash..This is my brother,Nate..."She said introducing me. "And Nate,this is Ashley...She's new here and one of my closest friend already."She introduced me to him.

I managed to smile slightly but a rather bitter one to him.

"Hi."He said nonchalantly to me.

"Hey."I replied in a whisper barely anyone could hear.

Hanna din't seem to notice though because she continued to speak.

"Okay then,I wanna go home now..Can I go home now Gina?Hanna asked nurse Gina.

"Oh yes dear..Nate,I'll give you a slip for permission to leave the school early."She told Nate.

"Okay thanks Nurse Gina."He replied.

"Hmmm.Hey what about my car???Hanna asked questioningly towards her BROTHER.

"Oh yea..I think I'll ask one of the guys to help me."Nate said thoughtfully.

"Erm,what about me?I can drive..I have a license but I don't have a car..Besides I am coming to your house with Naomi and Kelsi later."I spoke up suddenly.

Hanna and Nate looked at me.

I could tell Nate was about to protest but Hanna beat Nate to it.

"That's a great idea Ashley!Naomi and Kels can guide you to my house.She grinned widely to me.

"But-!" NAte protested.

"NA-ah bro!My car,my wish who I want to drive.I trust Ashley!!!"She cut of Nate before he could protest.

"Fine."He sighed defeatedly.

"Great!"I'll tell the girls later!"I smiled at Nate's defeated face.

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