Chapter Two

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I walked into my room dropping my bag on the floor and taking off my hoodie. I threw my shoes off my feet and dropped the hoodie in my closet before plopping myself down on the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to bear the stupid headache I was having.

I opened my drawers and took out some pain killers. I swallowed the pills with a glass of water I kept on my table. i dropped the glass back on the table with shaky hands. I felt the urge to throw up so I ran to my bathroom and threw up in the water closet. I felt awful and even worse when I saw it was blood. I was just so tired. Tears formed in my eyes as I curled myself up in a ball and covered my face with my palms sobbing quietly. I hated this, I hated this cancer, I hated my life. Every day I ask the same questions, why me? And when will it all end?

''Kaylee, there's someone here to see you!'' my mom yelled form downstairs.

I raised my head up and got up slowly frowning slightly, who could possibly be here to see me?

''I'll be down in a minute!'' I yelled back cleaning up after myself.

Then I walked out of my room down the stairs to the living room. I rolled my eyes annoyed when I saw Kristen talking to my mom in the living room, apparently he said something funny and my mom was laughing. But what the hell was he doing here?

''Why are you here?'' I asked dryly dragging both their attention towards me.

''To see you sweetheart'' he replied smirking at me and I visibly cringed at the name ' sweetheart'. Plus, what's his problem with smirking. Just a day without smirking or saying something stupid won't kill you!

''Don't call me that?'' I said glaring daggers at him.

''Call you what? Sweetheart?'' he teased acting oblivious.

I narrowed my eyes at him and suppressed a groan. Just ignore him Kaylee, he's not worth it.

''I'll leave you two to talk, if you need me I'll be in the kitchen'' my mom said walking out of the living room to the direction of the kitchen.

''You know, you're actually really pretty without your hoodie so why do you wear that burden?'' he asked.

''That's none of your concern'' I said coldly. ''What do you want?''

''I was just asking alright and I just came to visit'' he replied.

''How did you even know where I live?'' I asked folding my arms.

''I see you walk down here every day, fortunately I live on this street too'' he replied.

''Well it was nice of you to visit, the way out is the same way you came in'' I said turning around to walk back up the stairs but I felt a hand drag me back and I hit a wall, correction, I hit Kristen's chest.

''What? '' I asked annoyed pushing myself away from him.

''Ok, we didn't exactly start on the right foot. I just wanted to see you again that's why I came'' he said after a deep breathe ''Can we maybe just take a walk down the street, maybe get to know each other. It would be fun''

I looked into his eyes and for a moment, I was tempted to go. I didn't want to get to know him; heaven knows I'm not even supposed to be talking to him.

''Sounds tempting, but I'll pass'' I said trying to leave.

Key word, trying. He held my hand and pulled me back again.

''Ok, how about this? If you take this walk with me, I promise not to disturb you ever again'' he suggested.

I bit my lip thinking, just one walk wouldn't hurt and on the bright side he'll leave me alone.

''Deal?'' I asked stretching out my hand for him to shake.

He looked at my outstretched hand for a while then at me.

''Deal'' he said taking my hand but he put his other hand behind his back.

''Let's get going then'' I said walking towards the direction that led to the door leading outside.



We were currently just taking a silent stroll down the street. The silence may have been awkward for him but I was more than comfortable. I couldn't hear his annoying voice, what could be better than that.

''This silence is deafening''

Yes, you can guess it was Kristen that said that.

''I'm enjoying it' I said smiling jumping over a small puddle.

''Then you're weird'' he said and I groaned.

''Fine, what do you want to talk about?'' I asked.

''Anything, I've never heard you laugh before'' he said tilting his head slightly to look at me.

''You probably won't'' I stated shrugging a bit.

'' How about I'll make you laugh'' he said and I scoffed.

''I'll like to see you try'' I said.

''Then it's settled, if I make you laugh, you have to go on a date with me and if I lose, I'll get you a car'' he said and I looked at him frowning slightly.

''Why would you buy me something that expensive for a bet?'' I asked.

''Because I can and besides I know I won't lose'' he said.

''We'll see'' I said turning my gaze from him back to my front.

''Why do we tell actors to 'break a leg'?'' he asked.

''I have no idea'' I replied.

''Because every play has a cast'' he said and I gave him a fake dry laughter with a bored look on my face.

'' Try harder'' I said.

''Ok, why was 6 afraid of 9 on New York's eve?'' he asked. '' Because nine eight seven''.

I stifled a smile on my face and tried to keep the look on my face neutral.

''Better luck next time'' I teased.

''Why did the bicycle collapse?'' he asked again. ''Because it was two tired''

''Stop trying, it won't work. They sound like uncle jokes'' I said trying to hold back the laughter in my throat trying to escape.

''Fine then, but this will definitely work'' he said and before I had time to process what he just said, he moved closer to me and tickled my sides.

I shrieked and burst out laughing trying to push his hands off me.

''Kri-sten stop!.....Get You win! Fine,!'' I said in between fits of laughter trying to catch my breathe.

He didn't let go but continued tickling me. Then, I felt a sharp pain in my chest that made me all on the floor in tears. It was an excruciating pain I couldn't describe. I tried to scream but I couldn't, I tried to talk but I couldn't. All I could do was curl up on the floor silently sobbing as I clutched my chest hoping the pain would just go away.

Kristen knelt right next to me with a worried look on his face.

''Are you OK? Kaylee, what's wrong?'' he asked and I had to force the words out.

''N-no, get.....m-me home'' I said choking on my own words.

The world seemed to start spinning and black dots appeared in my vision as I felt myself slipping away. Is this the end? Am I dying?

I felt my body get picked up from the floor to a strong pair of arms. The last thing I saw was Kristen telling me to 'hold on' before I totally blacked out.



Another chapter out, sorry it's roughly edited. Suffering a huge case of writer's block but I'll try and get another chapter up. Thank you all so much for your support. Happy new month too!

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