I called Masea, Jon, and Tim asking them if they could finish the room for me. They all said yes and told me to spend some time with Lindsey and go out to eat with her, since it was kinda late.

“So Lindsey, Now that you’re my daughter, Where would like to eat. Because that Ghastly place doesn’t seem like it has good food!” I asked her in my best posh accent that I could muster. I made her laugh so th

at’s a good sign. 

“Okay one, You really can’t do a posh accent at all! It’s more like this my good sir, how about buffalo Wild wings since you go there most of the time in Steven Vlogs?” Lindsey asked in a perfect accent.

“That would be cool but how did you do that?” I asked her still focusing on the road.

Oh well my hometown was in England so I have this accent normally but I’m able to switch between them often!” She told me going back to English.

“Can I ask you to use that accent in some of my videos when there are characters speaking because that is super cool?!?!?! (   I like accents a lot people say I have one)  

“That would be wonderful Chugga. I mean Emile. I mean… Dad..” Lindsey told me stuttering a few times.

“You can call me whatever you want sweetie.


Hey guy. * dodges more chairs* IM SORRY!!! Our Wifi decided to be an Ass and quit working. But it gave me time to write more things for you guys so thumbs up for that! I might only be updating this weekend because I have to get a science report done and its due on Monday sooooo. I have to get braces and I might get them on my birthday. Any ways….    This is my Cat SilverClaw! Say hi. 

SilverClaw: Hi. Um she brought me in to say things so. Yeah. By the way guys. Her name is Dezi if you didn’t know. She said I might be put in this book. If not I won’t be disappointed. I’m really her true friend, I was also there to help her though when she had Depression. Anyway Bye Guys

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