Twenty: Dark Visions

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Twenty: Dark Visions


Bright lights , Everywhere.

I had no idea where I was but the bright light was blinding me . I heard nothing but a cheerful laugh.

It was like I was in a tape being replayeall over again.

I heard nothing but shouts and yells but it was reversed . And scratchy noises were prominent.

The bright lights turns into air bubbles and before you know it im under water.

Yet I could still see the bright light. It stung my eyes but I kept watching it.

I tried to swim up but I couldn't . The weight of my clothes were bringing me down.

Then I heard the laughter of the young woman. She sounded so familar. I turned my head and saw a glimpse of her.

She had pale skin with a silky night gown. Her messy ice blonde hair covered her face as her laugh grew louder and louder.

I wanted to get a closer look of her , I wanted to see her better but I couldn't move. I could barely even breathe.

I opened my mouth gasping for air , only swallowing gulps of the water . I choked and coughed now panicking to be let out.

I swam up to the top and tried to reach the surface but something was blocking me, it's a dark figure and it covered the bright light into a smokey fog. It was trying to kill me On purpose.

As for the woman her laughs turned into lunatic screams and cries for help .

What confused me was she was calling help from...


Why would she call him ? Who even is this person I thought to myself.

I saw two pair a tan tattoed arms grabbing her now lifeless looking body out of the water. Was that Zayn ? I swam near them trying to see what was going on but there was a demonic sound going on and I felt a tugging at my arms as it pulled me up quickly towards the shore, as soon as I opened my eyes.

I met Zayn's Golden ones.

I jumped in fear realising he had me on his lap.

"Z-Zayn ?" I breathed out looking at my surroundings.

I was back in the room ?

Was this another dream ?

Zayn just wiped the sweaty hair off of my face and held me close to his warm body. I chattered my teeth automatically.

"Im sorry" He whispered as I kept silent.

Why did he apologise ?

I had so many questions to ask him but I was so cold I wasn't able to put sentences together.

"so...c-cold " I said as my whole body started to shake . Zayn eyes lit up into a bright gold in concern and wrapped his warm arms around my body .

I warmed up instantly. I had no idea why I was cold. The room was warm and my body wasn't wet , I couldn't understand why I was so cold. That dream really had made an impact on my body.

I looked up at him. I haven't really noticed but he was starting to grow alot of stuble and his hair was getting a bit longer. His unraveled tattoos were peaking out as I looked at every single interesting story it had to tell.

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