New Mega Neons! (Late)

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In this chapter, I will be telling you some tips to making a neon. Usually, it would take around a few hours to make a neon so make sure you loads of time. (if you want)

1. Create an area for yourselves to grind (Got that word from a video) your pet. A grinding area should consist of : Food, water, pet bed and a shower. Tip, it would be nice if you got a piano, it can be used when your pet need to go to the playground.

2. Get a reliable vehicle/toy, it is much quicker than walking. The vehicle/toy should be able to get you to your destination and easy to control.

3. Food. You may get some apples from the teacher's table before taking out your pet, just in case your pet is hungry. You can also go to the hospital and get some healing apples if your pet suddenly got sick.

4. Cure all potions. It would be good if you have some even though you cannot find them anywhere as adopt me dont sell them anymore but there should be some players who are more than happy to trade you some. Cure all potions function is in its name, it can cure every need your pet have.

5. You can leave your pet on a task while you sleep. When you wake up you can continue doing all the other tasks.

For robux players :

1. Try moving your house nearer to the main map. Some places like the playground, nursery, hospital or the school. It would be better as it is closer.

2. You can buy a door that can teleport you to your house and back. It is much quicker than using a vehicle.

Have fun making neons :)

See you in the next chapter/update!

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