Part 24 ; CEO's Party

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"Are you trying to blackmail me?" Taehyung asked Jimin as he tried to control his anger from shooting Jimin without hesitation. He tries to guess what Jimin is planning because it might ruin his plan to do something to Jimin. What is Jimin planning now?

"Blackmail you?" Jimin smirked when he heard Taehyung's words start to get suspicious of him. Taehyung is trying to find what I'm planning to do right now. "You want to marry Y/n not because of love but for the cause of hatred and revenge for all of you. You think I don't know what you're trying to do?" I won't let Taehyung marry y/n.

Taehyung lowered his gun from Jimin's head and pretended to laugh at Jimin's words. "What are you trying to say? I have never intended to hurt a person I love especially a girl like y/n." But Jimin didn't believe what Taehyung said.

He has known all of Taehyung's plans against y/n from the beginning and that's why Jimin tried his best to stop Taehyung before Jungkook started his dangerous plan. "So why are you trying to illegally steal y/n father's company?" Jimin said like a shot at Taehyung until he could just stand still without saying a word.

"Don't try to accuse me without proof. I never intended to take y/n father's company fund illegally!" Jimin smirked as he heard Taehyung's words begin to flutter in front of him. "If you've never tried to get y/n dad's company y/n. So why do you look so nervous now?"

"Why are you two talking about company funds? What's going on right now?" Y/n asked suddenly behind the two after entering Jimin's office as she looks confused with both of them. They were both very surprised to see Y/n suddenly in office and expect Y/n not to hear all their conversations.

"Y... Y/n..?" Taehyung tried to hide the gun he was holding from y / n. "Ceo Kim is talking about funding his company with me. But, why did you go to my office, princess?" Ask Jimin as he tries to hide what's going on with Taehyung.

"I just want to submit some files about J.Park's growing product sales success this month." Said Y/n to Jimin as she confused about something that was a bit suspicious to her. Since when did Taehyung's Company share funds with Jimin's Company? "Ohh Really? That is a good news, princess"

Y/n hands over some of those files to Jimin. "But since when did all this happen? I know Taehyung company has never shared funds with our company, Ceo Park." Taehyung and Jimin get nervous again and try to distract y/n by talking about the topic.

"Y/n, I'm sorry for changing the topic not because I didn't want to tell you, but it's not time for you to know everything." Jimin says as he feels guilty about Y/n but he doesn't want Y/n to know about something as dangerous as this. "But Ceo Park, why did.."

"Can you exchange a meeting tomorrow with the board of shareholders for tomorrow? Because tonight we as a VIP company have received the invitation of the Jeon Group company council." Asked Jimin to y/n as his assistant after he cut off y/n's word. "Sure Ceo Park, I'll exchange it"

"You should thank me for not throwing it in front y/n because she might hate you forever." Jimin told Taehyung after y/n leaving the office. "You better stop talking before I lose my patience and shoot your mouth without hesitation" Taehyung said angrily before leaving for Jimin's office.

*8pm, Jimin's Lamborghini Car*

After Jimin's car stopped at his destination, y/n tried to start the conversation between them before entering the council hall. "Jimin, are you hiding something from me?" Ask Y/n suspiciously about Jimin. Y/n could feel that Jimin and Taehyung were hiding something from him.

Jimin turned off his car before looking at his beautiful face. "Y/n, we haven't known each other for 2 months or 2 years but we've known each other for 6 years since our school days until now" Jimin said as he stroked y/n's long hair. "Jimin, don't try to change the topic again"

"Listen to what I'm trying to say right now, y / n. You know what if I'm cheating on you or hiding something from you. Trust me, princess. I am not hiding anything from you." Said Jimin to Y/n as he tried to reassure y/n from suspecting him again.

"So now, let's go to the council and you look so pretty right now." Jimin told Y/n before they both entered the council hall.

*Jeon's Group Company's Party*

"Thank you Ceo Jeon, for your invitation to us at your company event." Jimin told Jungkook as he wrapped his arms around y/n's waist. He tries to raise Jungkook's anger by using these tricks and he can feel Jungkook start to lose his patience.

"Are you trying to challenge my patience here?" Ask Jungkook trying to hold his anger against Jimin. If I were inhumane, it would be a long time for me to break your hand touching y/n.

"Can't you two not be in trouble right now? There are many reporters who may be watching we now." Y/n said as she trying to stop Jimin's quarrel with Jungkook that was about to begin but it all seemed to stop when Lisa started giving a speech that surprised everyone.

"I'm pregnant??"

To Be Continued...

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