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Craig didn't know what to do. He tried to get Tweek's attention, showing him that he likes him. He did everything he could think of. He pulled Tweek's hair, called him names, he even threw him on the ground. He was just eight-year-old, what should an eight-year-old do? If you're eight, then if someone is bullying you, it means you like them! What more can you get?

Of course, because of Craig trying to catch Tweek's attention, one of the teachers called the principle and sent Craig to the office for bullying. Craig was sitting in one of the chairs in the principle office with his elbow on the handle and laying his cheek in his hand. Having a bored out, emotionless face that he always have. He puffed out some air as Principle Victoria explained to his parents.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, Craig is bullying a student for quite some time now," Principle Victoria explained, having her hands together and her elbows on her desk. She fixed her glasses and glanced toward Craig. Craig flipped the principle off while looking at the walls, then at her sister.

"Craig," Mrs. Tucker scolded. "Why would you do that?"

"Tweek won't notice me!" Craig shot back while flipping everyone in the room off. Ruby flipped Craig back.

Principle Victoria looked at Craig with wide eyes. While his parents smiled knowing what's going on. Ruby just laid back, closing her eyes since she felt sleepy and bored. "Tweek?" His dad smirked. "She sounds awfully pretty."

"Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, no!" Principle Victoria tried to interrupt. "Tweek is a-"

"Very lucky girl!" His mother exclaimed, hugging her son. "To capture my baby's heart!"

Principle Victoria opened her mouth, trying to explain. But, before she could say another word, Craig's parents dragged him and his sister out. Sharing each other love advices and things. Craig remained silent, half listening to his parents and half thinking about Tweek. Letting his parents think Tweek is a girl gets him out of trouble, well so be it.

"You see son," his dad lectured. "You'd probably find out when you're older, but if you know now, you'll get ahead start before those boys who may steal Tweek. Girls don't like to be bullied." His mother cleared her throat when his dad said that. "Anyway, you have to walk up to her, say 'I like you', take her hand, and then kiss her good on the lips." His mom rolled her eyes and smirked.

Craig took in all of what his dad said and tucked it in a tiny pocket. Craig nodded and was thinking about doing that to Tweek the next day. It would sure catch Tweek's attention.

The next day, when Craig was dropped off to school. His parents were still there, going to watch their son, if they could.

Craig was looking for Tweek in the playground.


Sitting on the bench alone.

Craig walked up to Tweek. He ignored practically everyone except Tweek. When Craig was in front of Tweek, Tweek immediately got up. Looking at Craig, he was nearly terrified, but still kept his ground. A small 'nng' was heard and most of the kids stopped what they were doing to watch the scene. Cartman snickered, he liked to watch Tweek getting tortured.

Craig kept his poker face, staring at Tweek. Craig grabbed Tweek's hands and stared into his eyes. After a couple of seconds, Craig leaned in and put his lips on Tweek's, keeping his eyes shut.

Cartman was staring with wide eyes. Tweek was supposed to get his hair pulled, thrown to the ground, something! Not get kissed! "Fags," Cartman scoffed. Kyle rolled his eyes, "There's nothing wrong with gays, fatass." "Jew," Cartman shot back and crossed his arms.

Craig pulled away. "You're mine now," Craig whispered, he still kept his poker face on. Tweek blushed as hard as a human can and nodded with a simple twitch. "Okay." Craig nodded back, showing the smallest smile. For that, the two boys held hands while walking inside the school. They deserved a few stares from kids and the teachers. Craig kissed Tweek on the cheek while they were walking. Deserving a giggle from Tweek and flushed cheeks. Tweek smiled at Craig.