Chapter One: A Waffle Lot

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Nevaeh's Pov

"Neveah.Neveah, Wake up." I hear my brother yell as I groan and stuff my face in the pillow.

"Go away! Let me sleep El" I shout at him.

I sigh as silence filled my room when suddenly I feel someone jumping on me.

"Get up lazy bones. Today is the first day of school.Dad's making waffles."

My eyes widen at the mention of FOOD. I push him off me and he falls on the floor with a loud thud.

I get out of the comfort of my bed hurriedly and get in the bathroom as my idiot of a little brother Elijah Lee Torris or as I prefer El whines holding the back of his neck.

I wear my Los Angeles Lakers t-shirt and tracks,putting my shoulder length hair in a ponytail  as i hurry downstairs. But there's neither dad nor waffles."Where are the waffles?" I turn around to face my amused brother."How does this work every time?"

I roll my eyes at him.I walk in the kitchen and there's a note on the fridge.

Morning kids!

I and mom had to leave early today. We'd be back around nine.

Take care!

DAD <3

Even though my parents work till late and are generally busy ,they still manage time for us and for each other. They are together since high school. I have heard a lot of their stories. They seem to complete each other. My mom keeps saying you will find your man one day. But I rather find myself living on an island with a lot of food. 

I and El spend most of our time together. Either gaming or watching a movie or just having fun. 

As much as stupid my brother might seem,he is sort of a tech guru. Ranging from a virus to hacking a software,he could do it all. I, on the other hand have played basketball my whole life.

"Do you have practice today?" El asks handing me a pop-tart.

"No,coach is still recovering from her injury. She'll be back in a week though." 

"I have nothing to do after school. so do you want to do it?"

"Do what?"I ask confused.


"Are you sure? It's been a while since we did that."

"Yeah.It'd be fun.What say?"

"Sure" I yell as i put on my Jordan's heading to school.


As i enter Oak-wood High,i rush towards my locker.

"NEV !" all of a sudden i feel myself being lifted from the ground by my arms.

"Get me down y'all,i know i am too lazy to walk but i don't want  to be dragged around like this" I yell at my friends as Luke and Jayden carry me through the corridors, Susanna and Gaby right behind them.Sus,Luke and Jayden are with me on the school"s basketball team.We have been close since.

"Haven't you seen the noticeboard?"Gaby asks.

"I would have if you dumb heads hadn't picked me up as soon as i enter school. Now can you  please tell me where are you taking me?" I ask rather impatiently. 

Sus snaps "Have patience you prick!"Now i was the last person to have patience.I pout at her and she rolled her eyes.  

They take me to my locker and drop me there and me being me stumble at the spot and fall down. I hear several laughs as I pick myself up from the ground and stare at Jayden and Luke."Jerks!" I mutter.

I saw Louie and Shravani slouching themselves at the lockers and chuckling. i jump in their direction immediately hugging my best friends. " Lou,Vani I missed you a WAFFLE LOT!"

"You couldn't stop mentioning food every time right ?" Vani rolls her eyes. "You shouldn't have gone on a holiday then!" Lou states as i hit him on the shoulder." We missed you too!" They said in unison.

Vani is the cheerful one.She is also the most sarcastic of our trio not to mention her temper.She is from Indian origin with a wheatish complexion and grey eyes.Her black hair always put in a ponytail neatly. Lou is the goof always leaving witty remarks and making us laugh.He is half Italian and half British He has brown hair and blue eyes . Lou is the most supportive one too. He is always there for us. Vani would describe me as a pig who could eat anything and yet be fit or if she's in a problem, Nevaeh Eve Torris is on the rescue. To others i may appear as a nerd and shy but Lou says i am loud and weird and obsessed with chocolate which is not true.  Okay! maybe it is....

"And I am so proud of you Nev i really am" Vani says.

" What have i done as to make you proud?" i question to all of them.

"Well...You are the captain of your team now!" Gaby broke the news to me.

I was beyond happy, This is the best thing. I started playing when I was six.My dad was the captain of his basketball team in high school. Seeing his achievements lead me to love basketball." Really?" I ask to confirm they weren't just pulling my leg.

"Yes! You earned this position by your hard work!" Jayden says.

"I am so happy!" I state the obvious.

I turn to Lou as everyone else around us indulge in small conversations.  

"This calls for a celebration !" He grins at me as the bell rang.

I opened my mouth to speak but i stop when i realize everyone around me is  staring at a direction. I turn around to a guy i haven't seen before. Everyone stare- and by stare i mean the girls watch him dreamily- at the newcomer as he pulls his hood up his curly black messy hair, his green eyes had a tint of grey as he keeps his gaze on the ground. Paying no attention  to all the girls looking at him with awe.

"Who's this?" 

"He's the new guy.He shifted schools from Somerset High school."

"He's so hot! Wait a few days,until i get him."

I roll my eyes overhearing Trisha,the so-called leader of the cheerleading team.

It seems these girls come here just to get guys. 

I collect my essentials from my locker and head towards my class with Lou slinging his arm around me as i hear Sus yell " O my freaking God ! These girls disgust me."


Hey there!


This is the very first chapter and i was so scared. I hope you liked it.

 Love ya


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