I Wish You Would

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During their time at college, best friends Eunji Seo and Will Huynh have only known life with one another. Now, entering into the summer before their senior year, they are prepared for a final exciting break together. However, after a fateful drunken night together, the newly single pair crosses the fine line between friends versus lovers, requiring them to re-evaluate their desires, relationships, and plans for the future. As the two navigate the space between friends with benefits and something more, they find themselves struggling to maintain the bond they once had, forced to come to terms with what it means to love someone, and how that love can be altered in the face of expectation, heartache, and the fragility of forever.


for you, and all the ways i wish we could have loved each other in the end. 


because it's hard. it's hard to love someone who is always running, and it's even harder to get them to stay. it's hard to let go. it's hard to move on. it's hard to believe you'll ever love again and it's hard to want to try. because love is hard, especially when your heart is breaking, and all you want to do is hold on. it's hard but it's also worth it, because sometimes love is measured by the absence, the gaping space that lingers after losing, a tragic, beautiful truth left behind in the desperate way that you just miss them. 


a story about loving a best friend because i have been there. i have loved my best friend with everything i had. i have bled my heart out for a person who was supposed to be forever, just to lose them in lies and betrayal, confusion in the leaving and the grief. a story about losing a best friend because i have been there. i have lost my best friend in toxicity and gaslighting, emotional abuse and manipulation. a story about overcoming a best friend because i am there. i am overcoming the gaping-heart chest wound of letting go, healing, and learning that there is no such thing as loving too hard or too much. that there is nothing but strength in loving with all that you have.

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