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First draft

I knew studies were about to get interesting the first time I saw him in my class. Interesting in the sense of I had something to feast my eyes on while gaining knowledge at the same time. The probability of him caring about my existence was about two percent or even less. I may have been quite beautiful but a man as good looking as him probably had a thousand hot women running after him.

He was tall, about six feet tall. He had brown hair and bright chocolate brown eyes to match. His nose was perfect just like his pink lips. He wore a white crisp shirt tucked into blue trousers. His muscles were threatening to rip his sleeves into two. All the other instructors had been nothing like him, infact most of them were older like most of the students in that masters class.

When our eyes met, I could see danger in those brown eyes and a burning senstation crept up and flooded my cheeks. I turned away, looking out of the open windows from where sharp Ray's of sunlight streamed into the lecture room.

"My name is Carl Winter," he introduced himself. I felt like he was staring directly at me and this caused a tumultuous rush of emotions in me. "I'll be taking you through this module which will run for six weeks. Next semester, I'll return for another. Since this is graduate school and you all seem mature, I think we will not have any problems."

"That's right," Natalia Mills said from her desk on the front row. I rolled my eyes. Natalia Mills was the most vexatious person in the class. She was always commenting on everything the lecturers said as if it was a crime to stay silent for more than five minutes. And her nasal voice made matters worse. In fact, I was planning to shift to the back rows to avoid hearing her irritating voice because when she was not loudly reacting, she was prattling to her neighbors which was distracting since I sat nearby, on the second row of the other column. She turned around in her seat and faced the back benchers. "If all of us can act like adults, we will have no issues."

The people at the back just stared at her before turning their attention to Carl as if Natalia didn't exist. I smiled inwardly. I loved those people now more than ever.

"Okay," Carl said, turning to the screen where a slide form his laptop had been projected. "I'll be providing you with a reading list at the end of today's presentation. For now, I'd like to introduce Neuropsychology to you. Before I do that, I want to know what you understand by neuropsychology."

Natalia's hand was up at the speed of light. I sighed, wondering how long i'd have to keep my murderous instincts at bay. This woman surely knew how to grind someone's gears.

"I think neuropsychology is a branch of psychology related to the nervous system."

"Okay," he said, walking to the other side of the room. It seemed he was not impressed by her answer which filled me with bliss. Natalia liked to think she was the most intelligent person in the room and it felt good to see that myth busted.

"Anyone else?" He queried. I pretended to write something in my notebook.

"Yes?" he looked at someone in the back. I turned before an elderly gentleman with gray hair started speaking in a guttural voice. "I think neuropsychology is a specialty that deals with the relationship between the brain and behavior."

"Wow, good," he seemed to like that answer better than Natalia's. Or maybe he had fallen in hate with Natalia at first sight, or rather first sound. I hid a smirk.

"What about you?"

My heart nearly stopped when I realized his eyes were locked on me.

"What do you think?" He questioned.

"Me?" I asked, tilting my head although I was sure he meant me.

"Yes, what do you think about neuropsychology?” he insisted. I could've sworn his eyes gleamed with malice. Had he noticed my smirk at Natalia's misfortune?

If I knew anything about neuropsychology, it had vanished and I could not think. Carl Winter was watching me and my face was hotter than lava, if that was possible. My hands suddenly felt clammy.

"I'm not sure," I said, heart beating fast. In my mind, I agreed with elderly man's simple definition.

"What is that you're not sure about?" Why couldn't this man just live me alone? All I wanted was to listen and gain knowledge. Was that too much to ask for?

I just shook my head and stared at him until he turned away. How embarrassing! I promised myself to pay more attention so I'd be able to redeem myself in front of this handsome man. I couldn't let him think I was dumb. I saw Natalia looking at me with a slight frown which mounted my frustration.

As the presentation went on, I couldn't help scolding myself inwardly. How did I not research before coming in? It was what adult students did and here I was, a twenty three year old post graduate student acting like an seventeen year old high school kid.

One hour and forty five minutes later, it was break time. Carl walked out, leaving his laptop on the front. We all stumbled out and I met Kenneth waiting for me at the door. Kenneth was this short and skinny dude who decided he liked me. He seemed like a nice person but I think he looked older than he claimed. Just because he was small, he thought he could pass for twenty eight year old but that face was not fooling me.

"Hey," I smiled.

" Let's go have some coffee or tea, all on me."



"Okay," I accepted his offer, not because I was interested in spending time with him, talking about how important his job was. Thats all he liked to talk about. I accepted because it would help me save some of my money. He looked like he had a lot to spare so why not take advantage of it? All I wanted was to research neuropsychology so I wouldn't seem like the most foolish person in the class.

I felt a rush of uneasiness on realising that I actually cared about some random lecturer's opinion.

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