Part 1

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It was a lovely summer afternoon, around 5:30pm. Grace was sitting with one of her good friends Colin in a small fancy restaurant in downtown D.C. They sit there laughing as Colin is telling Grace his cringy jokes. Colin then wipes his mouth with his napkin while Grace takes a sip of water.

"So what's been going on at the station lately?" Colin asked.

Grace looked at him, "Colin, you know I can't talk about what goes on at work." she said before taking another bite of her meal.

"Alright then, but you will tell me one day. You'll build up so much eager to tell me things and one day you'll explode and tell me everything." Colin chuckled eating.

Grace felt her phone vibrate and she took it out, "yeah right," she said smirking then looked at the message she just received. It was her uncle Gibbs, the boss of N.C.I.S. 'E.R, now.' it said.

"I'm sorry Colin, but I gotta go. My uncle needs me at the hospital. Can you get a to go box for my food and I'll get it when I come over to your house tomorrow?" she asked Colin.

"Of course. See you later darling." Colin smiled.

"See you hun." Grace said. She grabbed her purse and walked out, hailed a taxi then got in on the way to the hospital. Grace and Colin are not dating, they just like to give each other nicknames, as do Grace and her best friend Robbie. Colin is also from Ireland so it's normal for him to call his friends names like 'las, lassie, lad, laddie, darling, etc'. Grace thought about what could possibly be going on at the hospital. She stared out the window lost in her thoughts as the taxi driver took her there.

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