Chapter 2: Ganger School

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"Ms. Penn!" my delusional biology teacher,Mrs. Ocall yelled out in her high pitched voice, "what are the bones that make up your leg?" She had woken me from my daze. I was daydreaming about qualifying for the Junior National meet. No really knowing the bones i just replied with the first three random bones that came to mind.

"The femur, the radius and the shoulder blade?" i responded questionably. I think my teacher responded with something like, do you even try in this class, or something similar. I don't really know because at that very second a new student walked into the classroom. He was tall, olive skinned and had the most fascinating color of eyes i have ever seen. He introduced him self saying that his name was Bobby. Wow, Bobby was handsome! He wore a tight black, plain t shirt and dark wash jeans. He had long straight brown hair and dimples showed when he smiled. 

"So Mr. Blackson, please tell us a little about yourself" Mrs. Ocall, asked. That last name struct a bell but i couldn't place it where, what ever, I turned my attention back to the hot new guy.

"Well, i just transferred from Oakville Prep." he said with a very bored voice.

"What sports do you play?" asked Mike, a jock, who had not the slightest bit of intelligence in him. I was a little disappointed whenever this question was asked because the answer was always so typical, basketball, baseball, soccer, football and the occasional Lacrosse. But to my very shock he said the words that i have never herd in this school, other than from me, be spoken:

"I swim." he responded. I couldn't believe he said that, I was in shock. Everyone turned towards me. I guess when i was in shock i yelled "what?!?". Embarrassed I looked down at my notebook. For the next half and hour i didn't take my eyes off my notebook. But then my mind started wandering again and apparently so did my eyes because i found my self starring right into the soft gray eyes of the new kid. I smiled, he looked at me as if i were crazy then went back to reading the section we were apposed to be reading. I felt humiliated and one of my closest friends, Gabby, caught and shrugged, saying "what are you going to do?". Rolling my eyes i saw Delaney starring at Bobby with lust. I frowned, she had a boyfriend, Jack. the next forty minutes seemed to drag on and I was startled when the bell rung signaling switching classes. I walked to my locker grabbing my math binder and started walking to the Math wing of the school.

Jenna, My closest friend and biggest supporter when ever i got into a fight with a fellow popular, was standing against the wall by room 415 our usual rendezvous to meet and walk to math together. She was perfect, brunette curly hair, tan skin that stayed that way year round even though we lived in Boston, and grades that were sky high. I looked her over before making my presence known, she was pretending to read To Kill a Mockingbird  but i knew her to well, she was texting. 

"You know phones aren't allowed at school." I said jokingly. She looked at me and responded with and insult that we both know is a joke. 

"You know ugly clothes are not allowed at the school, right?"  she said. Jenna and I both laughed uncontrollably all the way to room  444. 

To add to my semi-grumpy mood from the new kid being in my Math class, I got my Chapter Five test back and saw that i got a D. Uh oh my mom was not going to be to happy about this. The whole the class we spent checking over the test that no one seemed to fail except me. Ugh this day was so horrid! The seconds seemed as of they were hours. At last the bell finally rang and i went to grab lunch in the cafeteria. I grabbed my usual vanilla bean coffee and bagel with a fruit cup on the side. Walking over to table 3, the table reserved for the populars past, present, and future, I noticed a bunch of wannabes crowded over table 16. "Maybe their having another lame party that no one goes to." i thought to my self.  But to my astonishment Delaney was standing over there! What was going on? My mind was going through all the options and my last option was confirmed when I saw Bobby sitting in the middle of all the commotion. Ugh. I don't know why but i just can't stand that boy. He makes all the girls fall for him in less than five hours. Typical player. Finishing my lunch, I hurried upstairs to room 444 to talk to Miss Cracket about my test. When i got up there she was sitting at the computer typing grades into the automated grade book. She looked up at me for a second, then looked back down at the computer.

"What can I do for  you?" she asked sounding annoyed. 

"Is there nay possible way to raise my grade by retaking the test or doing extra credit? "  I responded half heartily.

"I'm sorry Allie there isn't, just do better next time," She said sighing, quickly she added "I know its hard for you but you have to work extra hard, and concentrate." Oh great another I'm sorry you have ADHD but you don't get special treatment. Great. Ignoring the rest of the speech I started thinking about Bobby, Who did he swim for? That was my biggest question. Thanking Miss Cracket without thinking i walked out of the room. and to my locker to grab my World Studies notebook and text book.

  RING! The bell ended the torture most commonly know as school. I ran to my locker trying not to kill anyone in my path. Grabbing my swim bag I ran to the bus that picked up all the swimmers that don't go to Glensburg Academy. Jumping into the front seat I told Jacob to go, but he said we had to wait. I was confused I was the only swimmer that attended Ganger. Apparently not anymore, because five minutes later, no other than Bobby got into the car. Great. He buckled in and shot me a smug grin, and with that we were off to the pool.

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