Chapter 9-Heart To Heart

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Henry Markesan---->

Chapter 9

Heart To Heart

Rowan’s POV

“Can I take you out on a date? Maybe we can have dinner tomorrow night?” I ask with a gentle smile since he looks ready to pass out.

“Why should I?” He throws back quickly with a glare as his eyes switch from confusion with fear and then to anger.  Why would he be scared?

“To be honest from the moment I saw you I knew I had to get to know you better. There is something about you that is pulling me in and I don’t want to cut the rope.” I say honestly while staring straight into his eyes so he can tell I'm not lying.

“I'm not even gay.” He says but his voice cracks a tiny bit and his eyes shift to the left. Liar.

“You don’t have to lie to me.” I chuckle and he glares at me.

“I'm not a faggot!” He hisses and I feel anger boiling in my stomach. My hands twitch as I fight the urge to bend him over and make his ass red and it wouldn’t be pleasure. He wouldn’t sit for a week.

“What did you call me?!” I snarl out and his Adams apple moves quickly.

“He said we’re faggots and we’re all going to hell. We deserve to get stoned and burnt alive. Shh don’t move. You don’t want to get burned, do you Sully?” He says as if rehearsed and I feel my glare slipping off as the blood drains from my face.

“What are you talking about? Who is he?” I ask suspiciously and he chuckle tensely.

“Hahaha, no one. Forget I mentioned it.” He smiles fakely as I watch him closely. I can feel my anger boiling higher. Someone hurt him and I'm going to take joy in finding them and tearing them to pieces.

“Mr. Delaney, can I have a private minute with you?” His CPO says while standing next to him.

“Is there a problem?” He asks without breaking our staring contest.

“It’s important.” He says and I see him pale making me frown in worried.

“Excuse me for a minute Mr. Vheris.” He says and I nod before watching him walk away tensely.

I sip my wine and push my plate away as my appetite disappears. This is going to be harder if he refuses to accept that he's gay. He seems fine with it until it’s questioned. Who would tell someone they deserve to get stoned and burnt alive? My stomach clenches at the look of hopeless that flooded his eyes as he recited that last line. Shh, don’t move. You don’t want to get burned, do you Sully? Someone had to do something to him.

My eyes drift over to him as he whispers with his CPO. I watch with concern and anger as the blood leaves his face quickly. His eyes snap up to me and I see fear and desperation in his gaze before he mumbles something to the CPO and almost sprints to the bathroom. A frown covers my face as I drain my wine and wait for him to come back.

An unsettled feeling comes over me and I quickly follow him. His father watches me closely and I smile reassuringly making him relax slightly but he continues watching me. I open the door and my eyes zone in on his body curled into a ball by the sinks. He's mumbling and rocking back and forth as his hands cover his ears. I run over and quickly turn off the sink before kneeling in front of him.

“Sullivan?” I call out softly and he whimpers.

“Leave me alone.” He groans and flinches when I rest my hand on his shoulder. “No I don’t!” He whimpers and starts rocking faster.

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