II. Fair

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After doing the dishes and helping Nonna fix sew her knit sweater back together, she said, "I think that Fair is starting soon. If you want, we can go?" 

"Of course," I shrugged. "It will be fun." 

"No doubt about it! It's the most interesting thing to happen in this hole lubricated by the heat of Satan's malicious powers." 

I stared at her with a strange, humorous grin. "Um...I'm not sure whether to ask how or..."

"Don't question where my vocabulary comes from. Question why your mother didn't inherit this gift." She informed me, sounding serious, but evidently comical at once.

My shoulders shook with slight laughter, shaking my head at the woman before me. She then quickly urged me to get ready, seeing as we were already twenty minutes late. 

I dressed myself in ripped denim shorts that were high on my waist. I quickly slipped on a black and green flannel around my waist and tied my thick brown hair in pony tail. I eagerly slipped my feet into my thick-rimmed boots and made sure to adjust the sleeves of my white, tugged in shirt. 

A brief glance in the mirror, and I hurried downstairs to the sound of Nonna calling me. She had removed her apron and brushed through her hair before pulling it back up into a bun.

As we left and climbed inside the truck, Nonna glanced at my outfit with narrowed eyes. "If you got pregnant under my supervision, your mother would revoke me from buying hair dye ever again. And I can't live with grey hair." 

I parted my lips in astonishment. "Nonna," I began quietly. "I'm not going to get pregnant," I then chuckled. "It's bad enough that you're thinking there is a chance of that happening."

She scoffed. "It's my way of saying...you look grown and too attractive." 

"Thank you?" 

"It's a compliment!" She argued with annoyance, making me laugh as we drove down the street, her hands squeezing the steering wheel for dear life. 

When we arrived, there was nothing short of amazement running through my mind. I saw bright lights, big rides, games, and so many people. Not as many as some famous areas, but around here it was pretty big. 

And the screaming, laughter, and happiness spreading in abundant amounts. I smiled a little, feeling excited to be here. That was until the truck stopped very abruptly, jerking me forward as my seat belt held me back. 

My mouth parted as Nonna pressed the horn and angrily shouted, "Teenagers get dumber every year!" 

I dropped my hands to my lap and said, "Thanks, Nonna." 

"Not you, Alexis. You're somewhat tolerable." She joked briefly, sighing heavily at the passing car with sure enough teens inside. They were poking their heads out the window, reaching their hands out towards another group near by. 

"This is what the summer fair looks like in Clarkesville. The prettiest piece of shit covered in lights and painted every year with various enticing colors," Nonna announced as if she was a tour guide. 

I playfully rolled my eyes as she continued to bash the fair. There was no doubt that everyone in town attended. A lot of these people don't have much to look forward to. No big lights, nor buildings. Nearly nothing exciting ever happens. 

This was something different. 

Nonna parked and humorously spat, "Get out." 

My eyes were glued to the large faris wheel at the very end of the fair. It was the biggest ride there, the tallest, and the prettiest. I smiled faintly to myself and inhaled the smell of freshly made hot dogs, ketchup, and cotton candy. 

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