Chapter Forty-Eight

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Andy and I were squatting near a break in the chain-link fence.  If was fifteen minutes after sunrise and I could start to see the hunters making their way towards the trailer park. We didn't speak and simply waited to see what would happen, holding our breaths as if that would give them away.

The groups started to split off into groups of two and sneak into trailers and take out the guards. So far, no one knew they were there.

The tall grass made me itch but I didn't dare move in case someone was watching.


A gunshot echoed through the park. I looked to see where it came from. Down the fence to the next exit, was another pair of hunters. One on the ground, the other standing above someone who was facedown on the floor with a gun next to his hand.

My heart racing, I looked back down at the trailers. The guards were on alert now, and nightwalkers were coming out of the trailers in the center trying to figure out where the sound came from.

"Shit," I whispered.

The trailers the hunters were in stayed shut. The nightwalkers started making their way to the fence. They had guns and knives and even though they didn't have their powers they outnumbered us.

My hands were shaking as they reached for the knife that Vince gave me when I felt something hard inside my jacket pocket. I slowly took it out and saw the invisibility crystal that I had yesterday. I forgot to give it back to Ethan.

I looked at the advancing line of nightwalkers. I was definitely going to need it. Looking at the trailer doors again confirmed that they still weren't open. This was a trap. They died in there. And now they were coming for us.

I slipped the crystal in my glove, but before I could activate it there was movement across the park.

The trailer doors had burst open and the hunters started attacking the nightwalkers from behind. In a matter of seconds, it turned into an outright battle. I could see where anyone was, there were too many bodies moving around.

I tried to search for Vince and Ethan but couldn't see them.

"Shit," Andy said. I looked over at her. She hadn't said a word or made a single noise since we got into position. "They'll slaughter us."

I looked down at the crystal in my palm. "Not if I can help it."

"What do you-" I'm assuming she stopped talking because she couldn't see me. I looked down and my body was gone.

I grabbed the knife and slowly made my way down to the battle.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I kept saying that to myself over and over and over but that didn't make it any easier. I had no idea what I was doing. The only advantage I had was that they couldn't see me.

And I would have to... kill someone again.

But I tried to push that out of my head. I needed to think as the hunters did.

I made it to the edge of the fighting. Hunters and nightwalkers were everywhere and I had no idea how I was going to move between them without getting hurt myself.

Maybe I should just turn back. But as I thought that, I saw a nightwalker knock down a hunter. He got on top of him and started punch his face. The was blood everywhere.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I lunged forward and dug my knife into the nightwalkers back. Then I kicked him to the side to make sure he wouldn't fall on the hunter. The hunter looked confused for a second, then got themselves right back into the fight.

I didn't want to look down at my hands. I could already feel the sticky blood on them. Instead, I scanned the edge of the fight for anyone else who needed help.

But something a little ways in caught my eye.

There was Jay, trying to fight for his life against a hunter.

I knew I shouldn't go in. It was dangerous even if they couldn't see me. A stray knife could hit me. A stray punch could knock me over.

But I saw a break in the fighting, and I ran in straight to him. I didn't want to kill the hunter, so instead, I ran and jumped on his back and wrapped my arm around his throat. Seven seconds later, he was passed out of the floor.

Jay looked at the hunter like he was an alien. I set my hand on his shoulder, and he quickly shrugged it away.

"It's Mia," I shouted over the fighting in the background.

"Mia?" He asked

I put my hands on his shoulders and pointed him towards the exit Andy was guarding. "Exit is that way," I said.

He nodded and the two of us started running. The park was thick with battle and we had a hard time dodging everything. Jay had just made it to the edge when I got knocked over by a flying body and pinned underneath it.

I felt the air in my lungs leave me. I was coughing and looked down to see that my body was visible.

A large man with tree trunk sized arms looked down at me. I'm guessing he threw the hunter. He chuckled and lifted his foot and stomped down on me. I felt a crack and knew I broke a rib.

Jay tried to fight the guy, but tree trunk just swung his arm and Jay got knocked to the ground too.

I saw him lift his foot again and desperately tried to gather the strength to get up, but couldn't. I looked over at my knife a few feet away and tried to reach for it but it was too far.

I saw the foot coming down and closed my eyes hoping for a quick death, but it never came. I opened my eyes and saw tree trunk on the floor with a switchblade sticking out of his temple.

A hand reached down and picked me up. My vision was blurry from being stomped on, but I noticed the sounds of the fight getting quieter and quieter.

"Watch it," I heard someone say. It sounded like Andy. My head was pounding though, so I couldn't be sure.

"Just bringing her to safety," a smooth voice said. I recognized it. But didn't know from where. "And this friend of hers."

"Set her down, slowly."

I felt the grass against my back and something soft behind my head. I blindly tried to reach around to find it but couldn't move my hand properly. Someone grabbed it.

"It's okay, Mia. You're fine." That voice was Jay.

"Why save her?" Andy asked. I could barely open my eyes now. I had no idea who was where. Then I passed out.

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