Fade - Chapter 19

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"Ciel... I despise being here just as much as you... do believe me."

Ciel nods as he stands, his hands still clutching the elder demon's overcoat.

"I hadn't a contract for a hundred years before you called on me. I would never have reciprocated another deal at all, Ciel. And I know that our meeting was not chance. It was not coincidence, and it was ill-intended or unproductive. I fell in love with you for a reason, and I'd at least want you to know that much."

Ciel nods, his eyes, though traumatized, still laced with love and compassion.

"I know."

Sebastian leads him back along the edge of the bloodied ground, both being careful not to disturb or attain to the reality. Their heads held low, they walk on to the opposite side of the circle, stepping through a dark entryway hidden upon first glance.

"This is one of many dining halls, all spread out among the different districts. This is the only one I've ever set foot in, yet something tells me that seeing all of them as a whole is key to this mystery."

"Wouldn't it be dangerous to step foot in another's district?"

"It would... unless you have the right disguise."

They follow the wooded hall down to a bigger, spherical room surrounded by more vines, the branches keeping the structure whole leafy and green. The aura of this room is less terrifying and more mysterious, regal in it's stature.

"What is this?"

"This is where the council of elders used to meet... before the rogues took it over. They destroyed everything... made it far more accessible. It was completely ransacked before they decided it wasn't good enough and abandoned the whole place."

"So why does it seem fine, now? And why is blood still so fresh out there?"

"It's not fine. The energy may seem restored, but that is simply nature's way. It used to be adorned with furniture made of the finest oak, with candles dripping wax handing from the ceiling and walls."

It looks as though Sebastian himself can see the wood... imagining how the undisturbed flames danced along the walls.

"The entryway used to be like the first, and only a select few could enter. There's a gang of cannibals who still visit on occasion, but the seem to have left his room be, though they destroyed the initial spell for nothing."

"Sebastian, if only a select few could enter, how do you possibly know what it looked like?"

Sebastian's eyes flicker as he stills, his breath crystallizing the air in front of him.

"My father."

His voice seems to drop out of his throat, falling to the frozen ground and cracking the very heart of the earth.

"My father was the chief elder."

The word 'was' resonates around the small encased room, bouncing back and sending a chill up Ciel's spine.

"You know,"

Sebastian turns to face him, his attempts at stabilizing his voice failing.

"Us demons have a bad reputation in the human world. Everyone on this earth, whether mortal, angel, demon, or fairy are just trying to make our way out. We're all just trying to get by. Though some of us lust for blood, there's always the ones who are just trying our damnedest to survive! The whole point of the council was never to force the idea that all we are is animals who take innocent lives! My father... he wanted to destroy that idea. He wanted to loose all thoughts of negativity."

His head drops low as his gaze falls to the ground.

"He was only trying to make my life better... make all our lives better. And I let him down, Ciel. I let my father down."

His eyes looked pained as they shimmer, glowing with anger and sadness.

"I broke under pressure and helped them destroy everything. I don't know why I did it. I was angry. Though my father was a great man, he was resilient and stubborn and didn't make much room for my rising hunger. He was inexperienced. If I had known that he would've been killed I suppose I would have been more understanding. And knowing that that would have been the only exception still kills me."

"Sebastian... I'm so sorry."

"But do you see? That was why I did what I did. I hated myself, and finally seeing someone as perfect as you experience the same thing as I was... was heartbreaking and confusing."

Ciel's eyes sparkle with tears. The way that Sebastian emotes him emotion wrenches his heart out of his chest. He'd never seen Sebastian in this way, and the new-found knowledge churns around in Ciel's mind until all the pieces slowly fall into place.

"Oh my god-"

Ciel whispers, quickly embracing Sebastian.

"We don't have to figure this out. If researching all of this brings up painful memories, I'd rather be blissfully ignorant than to ever hurt you."

"No. Ciel this is important. This is what my father would have wanted. In his time, the disappearances were prominent everywhere."

He inhales deeply, the contact between them speaking more words than either one can say. Ciel thanks Sebastian with a short kiss... a melody both sweet and soft, whispered right before the music stops.

"Thank you, Sebastian."

Sebastian doesn't seem to hear Ciel's voice as he pulls away suddenly, his eyes wide with an unknown realization.



The boy is taken aback, his wrists now clutched in the demon's hands.

"My father was a half-blood."

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