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I was missing writing this book so much that I decided to share some facts with you!
Here are they :

✳️ Eliza's name in the first draft was Elizabeth Cassandra Scott.

✳️ William was supposed to be the inventor of the Time Machine.

✳️ In the first draft, William tells Eliza about their baby in the future. (I opted this out because it seemed creepy and weird af 😂)

✳️ In the first draft, there was a teacher named Poppy Clark, who had a crush on William.

✳️ Eliza wasn't supposed to cheat on James with William.

✳️ Eliza was supposed to be new in relationship with James.

✳️ Eliza wasn't a Goth chick. She was the most popular girl in college and James was crazy for her.

✳️ William wasn't an author but a scientist.

✳️ Eliza's mother was alive in the draft and she was the headmistress of the college.

✳️ There was no Lorna Diaz or Arabella Davidson.

✳️ William wasn't married to Eliza, just engaged. She was his girlfriend for two years and they lived together.

✳️ In the draft, William was already in love with Eliza.

✳️ Eliza and William weren't supposed to have a happy ending.

✳️ Harvey Scott was a newspaper editor.

✳️ Eliza's mom was supposed to die on her birthday.

✳️ In the first draft, James molested Eliza due to which she broke up with him.

✳️ In the draft, William used Poppy to make Eliza jealous.

✳️ Eliza had a crush on her neighbor, a young musician who lived across. (the house which later became William's in the original version)

✳️ Harvey Scott was supposed to be a drunkard.

✳️James was supposed to be arrested after William files a complaint on behalf of Eliza.

✳️ Eliza was an artist in the first draft.

✳️ William's name was Brandon Smith.

✳️ The story was supposed to end with William returning home without Eliza.

✳️ Lastly, the story was titled 'Fated'.

✳️ The story was supposed to be rated 18+.

Here's something for you to ponder about!
Which version do you think is better?

Here's something for you to ponder about!Which version do you think is better?

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