Chapter 2

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A few days later:

"Shoto! Did you pick (y/n) up from school?" Fuyumi asked her younger brother. Shoto looked up. "I thought you were going to pick her up. I just came from school." Shoto replied. They both gasped.

"I'll go now." Shoto said, dropping his bag on the ground and he quickly left the house once again in his school uniform. "Call me!" Fuyumi shouted.


"Hmmmppff, why aren't they coming?" You whined as you whispered to yourself. You had waited for a pretty long time now and decided it was a good idea to go on your own since you've 'probably' memorized the way to home by now.

You walked past the school gate and exhaled. "So cool...I've never been alone outside." You said to yourself. You were proud of yourself as you remembered the places where you walked with your siblings or father.

Present time:

You didn't now whether you have to go left or right. This place looked so different to you...maybe it was due the fact people were working there and changing the road, huge 'hills'/ 'mountains' of sand were put at the sideway and big cars...or the fact you've gone to a complete different place.

Your lips trembled as you were prepared to cry. You started sobbing and fell on the ground on your knees.

"Hey. Why are you crying?"

You looked up as you heard the masculine voice and saw a black haired man who looked in his twenties with purple patches with stitches, Dabi/Touya.

You sniffed. He looked scary to you, but you told yourself in your mind that you shouldn't judge someone by their appearance. Maybe it's due their quirk.

"I'm...lost." You replied. Your siblings and father told you many times not to talk to strangers, but when you're lost you have no other choice than to ask someone the way.

"Oh...Umm, do you know the phone number of your parents or any siblings? Did you come from school? You can tell me the school name so that we can go back. Maybe someone is waiting for you there." Dabi said as he made you stand up and patted your head.

"I wanna go home!" You whined as another batch of tears streamed down your cheeks.

"Ok, ok, I'll bring you home." Dabi said. A smile appeared on your face as you wiped your tears away. "Really?" You said happily. Dabi nodded as a little smile appeared on his face.

You started describing your home and the area. He was surprised that it might be...that  house.

"--and that was really fun! Then we went to the zoo and I saw a lion really close!" You were telling him stories and stuff about yourself. Dabi was glad you're happy and not crying anymore. "What's your name?" You asked. "'Dabi.'" He replied. "My name is '(y/n)'!" You responded.

'It really is that house...Did they move out?' Dabi thought. "Bye-bye Dabi!" You said and ran away. Dabi walked away, but secretly watched to see if you're alright.

"Oh my gosh! (y/n)!" Fuyumi shouted as she opened the door and hugged you tightly. Dabi's eyes widened slightly. 'Fuyumi...' He thought. He glanced at you. 'She' sister?' Dabi thought. "A kind guy helped me get home!" You said happily. "Really?" Fuyumi replied. He saw Fuyumi and you entering the house and closing the door.

Fuyumi called Shoto.

"(y/n). We're sorry. Fuyumi thought I would pick you up from school and I thought she would." Shoto said softly as he bended down to your height and pulled you into a hug.

You told them what happened. "Did he...touch you?" Shoto asked. You saw an angry look in his eyes. "Shoto..." Fuyumi said softly. "Well?" Shoto said to you. "We held hands." You said with a smile. Shoto's eyes softened as he patted your head.

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