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-There were 2 deaths at the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences and both of them were extremely bloody and gross and no one has any idea what's causing them

-the 2nd one was especially traumatic for Oreola, who accidentally found herself in the middle of it, the victim dying in her arms, covered in blood

-Smairuhh continued her ascendency through the Qrrashiclan Fandom, and she's starting to see her increasing fame not as luck or chance but as the destiny she deserves for all her hard work and amazing opinions

-Also she is working on a potentially world-shattering theory that Qynka & Azelbeth, sworn life-long enemies, are actually secretly in love

-Qannen filmed a video with Dzzahn and Grobe that involved her getting tortured a bunch

-Grobe went to Target to get medical care supplies for the badly injured Qannen, leaving Qannen and Dzzahn alone

-But Qannen quickly passed out? Unconscious? Or maybe DIED??? We don't know. But it seems bad.


-Grobe goes shopping, starts a riot, and falls in with a bad crowd

-Oreola and her team chase an interesting lead on the mystery

-Qannen finds herself on an episode of MEDSKOOL

-We learn some things from Dzzahn about life outside the walls of Wood2

-Smairuhh reveals the whole truth of her Qynkazel conspiracy theory

-People around the city are mysteriously getting sick

-More deaths, a bunch more deaths



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