Chapter 64

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Mia and I make our purchases and then make our way back to the house.

"We're back!" I yell.

"In the living room" Matt's voice calls. Mia and I carry our bags into the living room to meet the boys. They're watching a film.

"You guys! Why are you watching movies without us?" I whine.

"I told them you'd want to watch but did they listen to me? No" Hayes says crossing his arms.

"Shut up Haaas" Nash says throwing a pillow at him.

"So what did you girls buy?" Matt says standing up to kiss my cheek.

"We'll put it on for you guys" Mia offers

"Will we?" I ask as she picks up the bags and pulls me upstairs. We put on our dresses and I put on my heels and we go back downstairs. We walk into the room and all they boys look at us- well me.

"Wow Sky, you look-" Hayes starts

"Amazing" JJ adds

"Smoking" Gilinsky contributes

"Hot" Nash laughs

"Gorgeous" Taylor says

"Sexy" Matt says licking his lips.

"I was gonna say nice but those adjectives work too" Hayes laughs

"You look stunning too babe" Taylor says to Mia, finally realising that she is stood right next to me.

"Yeah you look great" The rest of the boys compliment her.

"Thanks guys" I smirk

"Thank you" Mia says blushing "Oh hey! Did you text Avery?"

"Oh not yet. I'll do it now"

"Where are you going?" Nash asks.

"Sky and I are going to a club tonight" Mia explains.

"Sky is 16 and you're 19? She's not old enough" He says clearly confused. "Neither of you are"

"Its an under 21's club"

"They still do those?" He laughs

"Yeah! There's one in town" She says cheerfully.

"Oh cool. I've never been to one of those" He says politely.


(A= Avery, S= Sky)

S: What you doing tonight?

A: Nextflix with my cat you?

S: Wow exciting. Do you wanna come to a under 21's club with me and Mia?

A: I thought you hated her?

S: Nah we're cool now! You in?

A: Hmm why not? What's the worst tthat could happen?

S: We'll pick you up at 9:)

A: Is it just us three?

S: Yeah is that okay?

A: Well..

S: Do you want me to invite Nash?

A: if you insist ;)

S: What happened to Jake?

A: You know, he's not that good in bed. Kinda turned me off of him.

S: Oh wow.

A: I'll see you at 9


"Avery's in" I state, looking up from my phone. "She wants you to come Nash?"

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