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I'm All Yours is already a published Novel and can be purchased through the external link(Or link in About me on my profile)

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"How long will this go on for?" I asked, hoping that he gives me an explanation for his cold behavior.

I was completely tired of it now and I desperately needed a genuine explanation from him!

"What are you talking about?" he asked, moving to the bedroom completely ignoring me.

It hurt me, to be completely avoided like a piece of trash. Why was he hurting me like this?

I walked faster and stood in front of him, stopping his way to the bedroom.

"Please! Tell me!" I pleaded.

"Just get the hell out of here!" he threw out his ruthless words at me again and moved away. I was used to it by now!

I tugged at his wrist and he turned towards me. His silvery grey eyes never ceased to make my heart beat rapidly. His intense gaze carried so much of hatred for me and I wish I knew the reason for it!

I stood on my toes "I won't" I whispered in his ear and crashed my lips against his.

heyaa!! I am back with another story! All it just takes is a swap to the next page ,to chapter 1! I promise,this is an entirely different story ! You will love it !

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