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No, Fast Punk is not a new subgenre in the Punk cosmogony. 
It is rather a challenge we propose to you, a quick flashfic to write based on the information we are giving you further down.

In the recent weeks, we have proposed on our wall a series of Questions of the Week, to gauge your interests and see where, in the vast punk literature, you situate yourselves...

Before going further, here are some interesting results from the questions that have been asked:

Before going further, here are some interesting results from the questions that have been asked:

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Note: the questions will be cited at the end of this chapter)

Based on the above... Well, we can say we all like Steampunk a lot!!

So, how about going one step further... 

Your answers told us that:

☸ You'd rather live in a Steampunk Universe...☸

☸ ... working as a Detective...☸

☸... and your favourite gadget is your Titanium steampunk goggles. ☸

The Fine Lines 

☸With the above three (3) elements, write a flash-fiction that will fit in the comment section below. This means that you submit here. You may also post in your profile, in a stand-alone story-book or as part as an anthology. However, please do post your entry(ies) in the comment section of this chapter.

☸ There is no deadline for this challenge, but we'd like to read as many stories as you can write.

☸ Please, all entry(ies) must follow the Content Guidelines

☸ All entry(ies) must be written in English.

☸ As we receive entries, as soon as you start posting your story in the comment, the team will review and post them in our anthology. We reserve the right not to publish any stories that would not be aligned with Wattpad terms of services and content guidelines, or stories that do not adhere to the prompt given. 

So, Sharpen your quill, wet your ink stone... Punk-Out, Punk Fast!


The questions asked for the past weeks were as follow. If you didn't answer on the wall, how about you give us your opinion now? With an inline comment...

➊ Cyberpunk Universe or Steampunk Universe, which one would you like to live in?

➋ What is your best cyberpunk game?
Deus Ex, Observer, Ruiner, Jazzpunk, VA11 HALL-A, Watch_Dogs 2 or Cyberpunk 2020?
Tell us!

➌ What is your favourite steampunk gadget?
1. Steampunk Gas Mask Statue
2. Liberator Steampunk Blaster
3. Hi-Voltage Steampunk Ring
4. Titanium Steampunk Goggles
5. Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace

➍ What is your favourite dieselpunk movie?
1. Mad Max: The Road Warrior
2. Captain America
3. Dark City
4. Blade Runner
5. City Of Lost Children

➎ Biopunk Universe or Nanopunk Universe, which one would you like to live in?

➏ You wake up at 5 am but you're not in the real universe. Which universe are you in? What do you do?
1. In Steampunk Universe - A Detective
2. In Cyberpunk Universe - A Technologist
3. In Dieselpunk Universe - A Machinist

➐ What is steampunk? Steampunk is a...

➑ What is your best dieselpunk game?
1. Dieselpunk Wars
2. Sine Mora
3. Iron Harvest
4. AIRHEART: Tales of broken Wings
5. INSOMNIA: The Ark

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