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❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


Melanie sighed to herself as she watched the two people in front of her bicker about pointless topics. It was always like this, they would argue about the smallest issues and minutes later, he'd  try to get her attention again. An endless cycle that seemed to never come to an end. It was obvious to most people (who cared to pay attention), that the two shared feelings for one another but always refused to give in and admit to what even a blind person could see. His desperate attempts to get her attention, the countless items he bought her but despite all these things he never succeeded.

Oh how poor Melanie wished it for to be her in that position, showered in countless gifts, affection and attention. She believed that she had so much in common with this special person but sadly he had eyes for another. Everyday, she'd imagine all these unlikely possibilities that he'd see the light and reciprocate what she felt but each times was forced to wake up and face reality.

It really did hurt her so much, seeing the one she loved ignore her and chase a different person- especially when that person was your friend. A close one in this matter. It did not matter anyway because it had and would always be like this.


Hello, this is my first short story, I hope you all like it. As you can see

it's a completed already, I'm posting the chapters slowly.

I'd love to see feedback from you all.

*Currently in the process of being edited. I'm trying out a new style and bear 

with me when some parts are quite different from others.*

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