Day 3: Proud Mothers or Wannabe Lovers

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                                                                So take me to church.

Start Destination: Turin, Italy

End Destination: Turin, Italy

Via: Basilica of Superga,Torino Palasport Olimpico

7:06AM (GMT) / 8:06AM (Local Time)

The day starts with bickering. Sat at the table at breakfast time Rosie and Levi cannot decide where they want to go today.

Rosie is all for walking around the city again but Levi trying to convince us to visit some church or another that he really wants to see.

"Do you expect me to just sit in the hotel all day?" he asks, "I want to have fun on this trip too."

"Nobody asked you to come," I mutter.

Levi hears me though and whirls around to face me. His eyes narrow and I watch as his mouth sets into a grim line.

"Did I ask you?" he says, "and it doesn't matter whether you invited me, I do not want to be here with a bunch of immature fangirls, I want to be with my girlfriend and if I can't do that then I want to enjoy the dire situation I'm stuck in."

"Why don't you just go see your girlfriend then?" I challenge.

Levi quietens.

"I just can't," he replies eventually.

To me that answer is not acceptable, it doesn't really clarify anything but Rosie does not allow me to point that out, instead deciding to just give in.

"Fine," she sighs, "we can go to this stupid church."

Levi's expression is one of pure delight but I cannot help but let out a very audible sigh. Levi turns to narrow his eyes at me again but he does not say anything. I am glad; confrontation is the last thing I am ready for at this time in the morning.

We finish breakfast in silence, before heading back to our rooms to shower and collect our stuff. Then the four of us head out of the hostel, ready for a fun day out.

The start of the car journey is silent, Rosie still seems to be really pissed off at herself for giving in to Levi and it is not helped by the fact that Levi has a massive grin on his face because he knows that he won the mini argument they were having.

That is it is silent until Levi puts the radio on, turns the volume up to full and the four of us start singing along - admittedly badly - to an All Time Low song.

8:49AM (GMT) / 9:49AM (Local Time)

Levi bounces out of the car as soon as we reach the church, a bundle of energy waiting to be unleashed.

I would be surprised if I did not know Levi. There is a reason he is studying history at university after all. He loves learning the stories of how things came to be and I happen to know that he is a big fan of architecture as well. He always used to try to tell me all about it back when we were going out.

The building is obviously old, and three of us follow Levi into it with less than half his enthusiasm.

The entrance of it is impressive, tall pillars guard the entrance coloured an off white. The architecture is unlike anything I am used to seeing in England, with neutral colours and a curved roof which I associate with European buildings.

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