Gyomei Himejima; ☁️

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Another gyo x fem!reader fluff~ (slightly nsfw)
Requested by: @BittersweetTea315 !

This is abt skinshippp

Warning : slight smut!!

Oml I love him so much༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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Oml I love him so much༎ຶ‿༎ຶ


Being in a relationship with the stone pillar is truly something unexpected. With him being the strongest pillar and a leader figure to the rest of them, and you being a new pillar that had no experience with being a pillar whatsoever, you find your personalities quite dissimilar. But after getting to know him privately, you find his softer side really attractive and his religious personality admirable.

Soon, you were able to gain his trust for him to trust you and let you become his significant other. And he was committed to become a good lover to you. He promises to care, protect, and love you unconditionally. Considering the fact that he hardly ever dated in his life.

It was like a dream. When you confess your feelings to him, expecting nothing in particular- but then finding him returning those feelings back to you. Just having him stand beside you is enough to make you feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest. Let alone having physical contact with him. And you know he feels the same. Yes, that's how in love you are with each other.

The both of you never really display any affection in public. No P.D.A whatsoever. It's never brought up and you know Gyomei isn't too fond of it. But apparently, the two of you never really with one another when it's outside your jointed room. Weirdly enough, you could still understand and love him just the same with the lack of communication in daytime. And you are aware that he feels just the same for you.

You often drift away daydreaming about intimate moments with him. Like cuddling, snuggling. You imagine how comfortable and protected you would feel. Maybe sitting on his lap as he runs his fingers through your hair..  or maybe a thing or two correlated with sinful actions. You can't deny your feelings of need for him.

But unfortunately, you're not brave enough to start anything of sorts with him, and you're both a little bit awkward, considering you two had just started dating. Maybe a few weeks.


You watched him train the lower ranked demon slayers from afar as you bit your lip, trying to contain your urges to run up to him and straight up just wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him.

"Seriously.." you sighed again, this time, you hung your head low.

'i miss him..'

"(Y/n)? What's the matter?" Mitsuri, the love pillar, seemed to have noticed your discouraged expression. She peeked her head over to you, worried.

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