Your Monday Morning Check-In

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Out of curiosity, what have you found to pass the time?

I imagine unless you have a job in a critical area, like groceries or healthcare, you might be housebound. Hopefully you haven't caught the virus, and if you have, you have enough home space to quarantine yourself from your loved ones.

And being at home for that long, isolated from your usual social circles, and drive someone nutty if you don't find something to do. And let's face it, unless you find a really, really good series, you can only binge TV for so long. For the health-nuts, there are only so many push-ups a week you can do before you want to drop a dumbbell on your own head.

Basically, unless you write fantasy, you need to find a really good hobby.

This concern doesn't apply to parents. They have a different problem.

And if you do write fantasy, well, you'll spend this whole Covid period wishing you had more actual free time to write. Because apparently your job is still important enough to require your presence, and while all those ungrateful bastards out there are living the dream, you're still making money and paying the taxes those fuckers are living on now!

Sorry, letting my real feelings slip out there for a second. Push it back down, push it back down...

But work isn't busy enough from keeping me from doodling. Who knew school would be such good preparation for life?

Anyway, hope you've found something to do. Keep up with social distancing, and I'll update this space again soon.

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