Niall's Thoughts

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"Harry," I heard Liam say as he placed his warm hands on my arms. I looked up to meet his confused and hurt gaze which caused my stomach to churn at the guilt I felt knowing that he was like this because of me.

The meeting they had ended about three hours later, our trays practically empty since majority of the executives wanted more of what we had prepared for them. I would have been really happy but I was too aware of Liam that I couldn't appreciate how delicious people thought our food was.

"Did I do anything wrong?" He asked again, a hint of despair in his voice as he kept his gaze on me. I couldn't find the courage to look at him again since the tone of his voice made my heart ache rather painfully.

"No, you didn't do anything," I muttered in reply. That was lame but I couldn't think of a come back and I was hating the increasing intensity of this conversation.

"Then look at me," I heard him plead causing me to nibble down on my lower lip as I started to grow tense under his gaze.


Fucking Harry Styles.

Why did he have to show up?

Didn't he know that he wasn't welcome here?

What a slut.

I continued cussing in my head as I kept my smile and proceeded to shake hands with the executives leaving the conference room, not forgetting to thank them as they stepped out of the door. When the meeting ended, Liam practically ran towards Harry and pulled him to the small private room beside the conference room, they couldn't be heard but their shilouettes could be seen through the white tinted glass by reason of the light shining through the private room's window.

When I saw Harry earlier, I wanted to kick him out but because Liam was obsessing over him, I couldn't do so without Liam getting mad at me. I remember him getting mad at me once when I lost his favorite football card which was signed by some famous football player he idolized. That time, I felt like I was going to die, I hated it and felt as if my world ended there since Liam was my everything and being hated by him was the worst feeling I have ever felt even though it lasted roughly a week.

As I stared into space, my heart enraged and full of hate, a smirk graced my face as I thought of an idea, an idea bound to be bad especially for Harry as the plan slowly unfolded in my head. Harry wasn't smart and I could easily manipulate him and make him do anything I wanted. "Why didn't you think about this earlier Niall?" I grimaced as I placed a hand over my forehead realizing how stupid I was.

I suddenly heard the private room door creak open which caused me to turn around, my gaze on Liam who walked out first. I saw him hold the door for Harry which made me scowl as he stepped out, his fingers running through his hair as he smiled up at Liam. I felt anger in the pit of my stomach as my hands turned into tight fights. They approached me, their arms brushing against each other as they walked which pissed me off more than I already was.

"You guys okay?" I asked faking a smile as I eyed the both of them, my anger unwavering as I did my best to keep it hidden because if I wanted my plan to work, I had to earn Harry's trust and scowling and cussing at him wouldn't help me.

"Yes we uh.. We have to go," Liam said as I saw his hand take Harry's, their fingers lacing together causing Harry to look away as I saw a blush creep on his cheeks. I wanted to kill him.

"Oh so you're leaving now?" I asked trying to act as natural as I could while I kept the fake smile on my face, my fists now behind my back as I kept them clenched while they shook vigorously.

"Yes uh.. Is that okay?" Liam asked as he looked at me apologetically, his expression pleading , begging to let him go as he held my gaze. Of course it isn't okay Liam! You're going to leave ME for THAT SLUT. Plus you're staring at me like that so how could I say no?

I shooed my thoughts away as I nodded once, my fake smile getting bigger , "Yes of course, I'll handle things here okay?" I placed a hand on Liam's shoulder, squeezing it once reassuring him that it was alright.

Liam smiled brightly at that and gave me a one-arm hug while Harry stood idly beside him. I wanted nothing more than to push him out of the picture but I still couldn't do that so instead I patted Liam's back a few times before pulling away with a smile, "You better leave or your date might run away again," I teased causing Liam to laugh as he pulled a blushing Harry close to him.

"Oh don't worry Ni, he won't," Liam said, holding onto Harry tightly as the curly haired boy looked up at Liam with a pout.

Liam and Harry left the conference room holding hands which caught the attention of a lot of employees. I heard whispers asking who the boy the CEO was holding hands with while they sat on their cubicles distracted from what they saw. I decided to humor myself so I walked by a pair of giggling girls as I took a cup of water for myself.

"That there is Mr. Payne's boyfriend," I said, smiling at them as I saw their shocked expressions. At first they didn't believe me but after a while, I was able to convince them. The talking continued as I walked back to Liam's office taking a seat on my chair as I continued sorting and signing the papers for the day.

This was going to be fun.


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