Chapter 49

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Jasmine's POV

I knew it was a bad idea.

I tried telling Chris but he was adamant on carrying it out.

And now we're sitting in my house, in front of my parents, not uttering a single sound since the last 15 minutes. No kidding, I counted the seconds.

My mom was looking from me to Chris and grinning widely. My dad was an altogether different case. He was just sitting there, glaring at Chris's arm that was wrapped over my shoulder. I could almost hear everyone's heartbeats and it was growing annoying.

I was about to say something when my father finally spoke.

"So Chris, when did you come back?"

Chris cleared his throat. "3 months ago sir."

Dad slowly nodded. "And you decided to lure in my daughter the moment you came back?"

I gasped. "Dad!"

My dad looked at me innocently. "What? I'm just looking out for you."

I shook my head. Chris unwrapped his arm from around my shoulder and sat straighter.

"With all due respect Sir, I know you're not exactly fond of me, and I understand that. If I had a daughter, I would be skeptical of every person she dates as well. But I assure you that my intentions with your daughter are not at all questionable. I would come straightforward and say that I'm in love with Jasmine and I intend to keep my promises to her for as long as I shall live. I won't say that I wouldn't hurt her because no relationship is perfect. But I can assure you that it would never be intentional and when the situation arises, I would do everything in my power to make up to her. I just request you to give me a chance and the permission to pursue this relationship with Jasmine."

My father didn't seem fazed at the long speech and that worried me. My mother on the other hand was close to bursting out into tears.

"I approve! I approve!" She shouted and wiped her eyes. I smiled lovingly at her.

My father spoke again. "What are your future plannings with her?"

"I intend to marry her someday." Chris said without any hesitation and my heart skipped a beat as I tried to reign in my smile.

My father finally sighed and got off the couch, coming over to us. Chris and I stood up as well and waited for him to say something.

"Welcome to the family son. And I'm sorry for the past. I shouldn't have judged you and your relationship so fast. You have my blessings." He pulled Chris into a hug and I almost jumped up and down in glee.

"I won't disappoint you sir." Chris said.

"Oh call me Dad. Sir makes me feel like a sherriff or something. I'm not good with them."

Everyone laughed. "Sure dad." Chris said and discreetly winked at me. I blushed and looked down.

Just then the doorbell rang and mom went to open it. I was confused. Were we having more guests? Why didn't mom tell me?

Sound of people talking reverberated around the house as more footsteps entered the living room. I immediately recognised Mr and Mrs.Robinson.

"Oh my darling! It has been so long. Come give your mama a hug." Chris's mother said.

Chris went forward to hug her but to everyone's utter surprise she pulled me into a hug. I looked at Chris with wide eyes, who looked at me with the same amount of shock as well as a hint of amusement. I hugged her back and she pulled back to look at me.

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