Chapter 31

We scrambled out of Winston’s red mini cooper. I having a good height and Ryan almost reaches around 5’11, I don’t know how we even fit in that toy story of a car in the first place. Plus to top that we had to squeeze Annabelle in the middle.

All the while we were squished up in the back seat my sister and brother in law were enjoying their front seats-with him at the driver’s and she at the passenger’s. We had left from home an hour or so ago and as promised Winston had stopped at DowNTowN for Ryan. After getting done with whatever he had to do we had driven straight to the fair which was on the outskirts of the city.

I dusted my shirt as I got out of the car and took in the fascinating view infront of me. The first thing that greeted my eyes was the huge Ferris wheel. It was dark already but the lights of the fair gave the whole place a magical feel. Except for the fair there were no other buildings. There was just a little house in one corner. The light breeze blew my brown locks in my face. I was so lost in staring at the scene infront of me, I didn’t realize when Ryan was standing beside me.

“Wow..” he whispered taken aback

“Mmmhmm..” I say, my eyes still glued to the fair.

He walked ahead and then paused and turned a little.

“So shall we?” extending his hand he asks me.

“Yes” I reply slipping my hand into his.

We follow Winston who picks up Annabelle and walks ahead with Charlotte. His free hand wrapped around Charlotte.

“Daddy I wanna go on the merry go round!” comes my niece’s tiny voice.

She points to the old styled giant merry go around consisting of horses and carriages.

“Ok sweetheart” her father agrees.

“Eh.. Eliza why don’t you and Ryan go try the bigger rides.. like umm there.. that Ferris wheel? Ok ! We’ll meet you here later” Charlotte turns around and winks at me discreetly which I don’t think was so discreet as Ryan notices it too.Then she quickly drags her husband to the merry go round.

Okay..! So was this all planned out! Was this my sister’s idea to get me and Ryan to the fair so that I could “talk” to him! No wonder she “discreetly” tried to hint it.

I groan internally as I realize that only Charlotte could come up with such an absurd plan. I look around to see the kids playing, people laughing, couples roaming hand in hand eating candy floss. Such a nice place, such a happy place! People normally go out on dates to such places or to hang out with family and friends! Basically a fair is a happy place, away from all the drama and sadness of real life. And I have to “talk” to Ryan here!! Amidst all this! My house was definitely a better option I think.

I look at Ryan who’s staring confused at the retreating form of Mr & Mrs.Bart. He’s eyes then meet mine and a heart warming smile forms on his angelic face.

“Ahem.. that was weird?” he says as he nods his head in their direction.

“Yep Charlotte’s always weird” I agree quickly.

“So ..Ferris Wheel?” he raises on eyebrow.

I notice something behind

him and reply.

“No!” I say as I drag Ryan to the stall which has got me glued.

“Awwhh.. come on Eliza your better than that!” Ryan shrieks! Yes he shrieks in a high pitched voice mimicking a girl’s voice! We were at the “Drop it” stall or at least the big board on top said that in neon green Capital letters- DROP IT. The name sounds a bit inappropriate if you ask me, but the game was our good old “drop the cans with a ball” game.

Three cans were situated in a vertical triangular pattern at a distance and I had to hit them with the ball and drop them in 3 chances. Pretty easy right? Wrong! I already tried twice but I didn’t smash it! And now it was my last go! The reason I was so desperate to make those cans fall down was because my target was the big light blue colored elephant with the very large ears sitting on the top shelf. Yes I wanted it! It was just so cute and it reminded me of Dumbo!

“Shut up Devon! This time I’m gonna drop it! That elephant is mineeeee!!!!” I declare as I prepared myself for the last shot.

I lifted my right hand and threw the ball and watched it bounce off to the side of the table! JUST.MISSED.IT!!

“Damn!! That was so close!!” I say out loud as I throw my hands up in the air in defeat and Ryan does the most “Ryan thing”, he laughs out loud. I give him one of my best angry glares and start to walk way while my best mate continues LOL-ing.

“Hey hey.. wait up” he calls out

“So that you can make more fun of me” I reply sarcastically with a fake smile.

“No darling .. so I that I can win Dumbo for you” he smirks back.

I walked back as he pays the stall guy for another round.

“Watch & learn” Ryan mocks. I just roll my eyes and look ahead.

In one swift movement he throws the ball and it goes bulls-eye taking down all the three cans in one go.

“Which one?” the stall guy asks in a bored tone. He was the typical stall guy one could imagine. Tall, lanky with platinum blond hair popping out from under a black cap. He’d worn an old pair of jeans and a faded orange t-shirt.

“Big Ears right there” Ryan answers.

Stall guy hands Ryan the elephant and walks back to his seat n plops down.

“Here” Ryan says and hands me the soft toy.

“Thanks” I grin.

“So..Ferris Wheel?” I ask raising my eyebrows and still grinning.

“Sure” Ryan gives a half smile.


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