Chapter Thirty

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Waking up in Isobel's arms was indescribable. It was like waking up but continuing dreaming in real life. I felt safe and wanted, and inexplicably happy.

Although I was confused for a second when I found it dark. It took me a while to remember it wasn't morning, we'd just slept late into the evening.

My cheeks tinged pink as I remembered earlier and how wild it was. I took a peek as Isobel and found her awake and watching me.

"Hey." I rasped, then cleared my throat. She chuckled.

"Hey, how'd you sleep?" She asked, turning on her side to fully face me.

"I slept amazing actually." I answered, stretching out and yawning half way through my sentence.

"Me too. Everything was just amazing." She hummed, bringing her face closer and resting her nose against mine.

"Agreed. It was perfect." I was floating on cloud nine, I didn't want to move from here and go back to reality.

But this was reality, I had to remind myself. I sighed happily, snuggling up closer to her warmth.

"As much as I would kill to stay here forever, we should get up. I can hear the boys are back from wherever they were with Andrew." She said, and we reluctantly untangled ourselves from each other.

A little while later we were dressed and she was walking me downstairs, hand tightly wrapped around mine. We came to a stop at the entrance of the living room, where Isobel's mom and step dad were sitting curled up together watching TV while the boys ran around playing.

"Mom!" Isobel exclaimed. "I didn't know you were coming home."

They both looked up, surprised to find her home. "I flew in a few hours ago, honey. Andrew and the boys just came to pick me up from the airport in Lowisburg."

They then zeroed in on our linked hands. Before I knew what she was doing, Isobel stepped forwards. "Mom, Andrew. Talia and I are dating."

My eyes widened into saucers, and I just stared at her with my lips parted. What was she doing? We hadn't talked about this.

Stella just grinned, while Andrew's mouth formed an O. "Since when?"

"A few days." She answered, turning to give me a smile and squeezed my hand.

"That's great, honey." Stella only said, sitting up. She looked at me. "Are you staying for dinner, Talia?"

The boys' eyes lit up. They had quietened down to listen to the conversation, and still knew better than to speak up. Isobel gave me a pleading look.

Well, why not. Mom wasn't even home. "Sure, if that's okay with you guys."

"Of course it is! We have a lot to catch up on." She grinned mischievously and Isobel face palmed.

"On second thought, maybe you should escape while you can." She groaned, making me laugh.

Stella was clearly a much better cook than my mom. Her food was all very delicious and I enjoyed it from the first bite.

I was a few bites in when Andrew cleared his throat. "So, you're together together?"

Isobel rolled her eyes. "Yes, Andrew. Together together. Whatever that means."

"So that means you guys kiss?" Jonah, the naughtiest triplet spoke up, snickering. His brothers made faces and gagging noises.

I almost choked on my mouthful of food, coughing and trying not laugh as I saw Isobel's eyes narrow at him.

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