What To Do if PS4 Bluetooth Controller isn't Working on Windows 10?

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PC Bluetooth not finding ps4 controller

PS controller is a small service which you can press and swipe. It is similar to laptop. We can easily control PS4 controller. It is difficult to connect PS4 controller with the Bluetooth. But hey have introduced various solutions for it. You must read all those methods to fix this problem. You just need to follow some methods to control the PS4 controller. You need to Fix PC Bluetooth not finding ps4 controller as soon as possible so that device can work effectively. It has suggested various solutions for this problem like removing PS4 controller from Bluetooth devices download and install latest version, pairing of PS4 controller and many more. If you want to fix the problem of PS4 controller, you must read below methods.

1. Remove PS4 controller from Bluetooth devices

· Make sure that your PS4 controller has enough battery and then restart your PC.

· Click on Cortana search box. After that, type in control panel. Now, choose first option.

· Tap on the devices and printers inside the control panel. Search for the PS4 controller and then right-click on it. Lastly, remove the devices. Choose yes.

2. Download and install the DS4Windows app to fix the PS4 controller driver error

· First of all, click on this link and download the latest version of DS4 Windows.

· Open up the .zip file and extract the files to the desired location on your hard-drive.

· Run the .exe installer DS4Window by double-clicking on it.

3. Pair your PS4 controller using DS4Windows

· Now, you need to open the installed app and then click on Settings.

· Enable the Hide DS4 controller option.

· Drag the corner of the windows and expand it and then you will see Controller/Driver Setup in blue and click on it.

· A UAC pop-up will appear asking for permission and then click yes.

· Now another pop-up will appear showing you a picture of a controller and minimize it.

· You need to go to the Manage Bluetooth Device screen and now follow on-screen instructions.

· The controller will appear in the list -> click on it and pair.

This is the most common problem which comes in PS4 controller. These arethe some ways to fix PC Bluetooth not finding ps4 controller. Noneed to panic on this situation, if you carefully follow the steps; it can beeasily done. If you still have confusion related to PC Bluetooth not findingps4 controller, then you must contact to customer service for the help. Theyare available 24*7 in your service. They are ready to clear all your doubts.You can also go to the help desk.

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